The beneficial properties of green walnuts

The beneficial properties of green walnuts
The beneficial properties of green walnuts

Usually we look for a certain herb or fruit when we are stuck and someone has told us that this is what is useful in our case. But there is another option, the better one, which we should take advantage of. If we have a garden anyway and have the spices in question or can easily grow them, let's first study what they are useful for and use them prophylactically.

In this case, I decided to investigate what to fully use green walnuts.

Walnut is proven to be beneficial. You know that walnut is a protected tree in our country, and once you plant it, it's hard to give it up, but that's another rather long topic.

Walnuts are known to have phytocidal substances that kill bacteria. Even its leaves and juice are used to fight harmful bacteria.

The green leaves of walnuts - ideal in the fight against insects

The simplest is to make a bouquet of walnut leaves and dip it in vases against insects. I have also tried against moths, but the problem is that when the leaves dry they break and make a lot of garbage. Bags of some permeable material should be sewn to make the effect better.

The little green walnuts are not to be underestimated. They are rich in thiamin, vitamin C, iron and more. As a result of this whole complex of useful ingredients, they are used for various decoctions and infusions aimed at strengthening the immune system, improving metabolism and normalizing gastrointestinal activity

Here's a pretty drastic recipe. In such cases, I always say that it is good to thoroughly research the subject and consult with both a doctor and a herbalist.

The shocking thing about the recipe is that it has gas. Or at least it's a little too much for me, but what doesn't a person do to heal and survive?! In such cases, he needs reassurance that this abomination really helped someone.

Not to mention that there are people who pay crazy money just to say they ate roasted worms at some crappy restaurant.

For this lifesaving recipe you need small green walnuts.

You choose a glass jar and chop the walnuts. When you fill the jar with them, you fill them with distilled gas. Close tightly and leave in the dark for 21 days. One usually tries to follow such terrible recipes exactly, but I suppose plus or minus a few days will not be fatal. It just takes time for the beneficial substances from the walnuts to dissolve in the liquid. Then it is strained through cheesecloth and the home remedy is ready.

In the beginning, a trial course of 5 drops is made in the morning and evening before meals. If it works well for you, then add one more drop until they reach 15. The course is one month, after which the dose is reduced according to the same principle until it reaches 5 drops again. If the treatment did not give a result, the course is repeated, but at least after 1 month.

You may encounter other variations of the gas treatment. It is mainly used for the prevention and treatment of cancer, but also for moving the lymph, purifying the blood and others.

However, as you understand, this treatment is not like drinking carrot juice, so before you start you need to do a serious consultation and find quality ingredients.

And if you are not so afraid for your life that you would go to such extreme measures, but still want to benefit from the power of green walnuts, I will offer you something completely harmless, but be careful with the amount.

Of course, green walnut liqueur - sense fantasy.

Let's be honest, Bulgarians are much more skeptical of gas and much more open to alcohol and its derivatives.

You know when you start complaining about anything in front of an "all-knowing uncle" he'll sigh deeply as he's tired of listening to your problems and tell you "You're drinking too much, my girl."

The basic principle of homemade liqueurs is that the fruit is soaked in alcohol.

In this case, you can take one or two handfuls of small green walnuts, about 40-50 pieces, in which a nut has not yet formed.

You cut them small and soak them in a liter of grape brandy (pure alcohol).

It should close well and sit for a while. About 40 days. You know folk recipes love this number. You have to shake it from time to time and when you are sure that the walnut brandy has already formed, strain through cheesecloth and add a liter of red wine, 1 kg of sugar (maybe more if you like it sweeter) and a selected flavor (a packet of cinnamon, a bottle of orange essence, chocolate… you can experiment according to your taste).

Age as much as you can squeeze in, at least 1-2 weeks.

Whenever you want to drink from the liquor, with a pure heart you can say that you are taking medicine, as in that joke - Woman, give a whiskey for the heart, give a beer for the kidneys, etc.n., until they come to the end of the Bulgarian fairy tale… Enough with these drugs, woman, give us a brandy to have dinner.

Be careful not to become proverbial, but it is true that nut tincture works wonders. In this case, we will not comment on the sugar, but we said that it will be for medicine - it should not be overdone. And with medicines, the dose should not be exceeded, right?

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