Today is Easter

Today is Easter
Today is Easter

On September 14 The Orthodox Church celebrates the Ex altation of the Holy Cross of the Lord. The holiday also known as Krastovdayis considered one of the twelve great Christian holidays.

On this great feast, all believers worship before the Life-Giving Cross on which Jesus suffered for our salvation. The cross was accepted as an instrument of Christ's victory over sin and death.

Centuries ago, it was customary to bury the weapon of punishment, when it was a cross, in the ground at the place where the sentence was carried out. Thus, the cross of Christ and the crosses of the two robbers crucified with Him were thrown on Calvary.

But in the year 326, Queen Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, visited the holy places in Palestine and wished to discover the holy cross of the Lord. After they found it, the Church of God "Vazdvijenie" was built on this place.

On Crossroads, a strict fast is observed. The table should not have red foods such as meat, red fruits and vegetables. Festive pita and lean dishes are prepared with pumpkin, grapes are also added. On this day, the grape harvest begins in many regions.

Today name day they celebrate Krastyo, Krastina, Krastena, Krastan, Krastana, Kana, Kuncho, Krista, Kristina, Kristian.

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