SMS greetings for name day

SMS greetings for name day
SMS greetings for name day

According to my statistics in Bulgaria, every day someone somewhere has a name day.

And that's why we often, often have to drop here or there short greetings to show that we have thought of the person, that we respect him and that we wish him only nice stuff.

However, some people somehow fail to come up with a desire and waste a lot of valuable time pondering over even a short SMS message.

I used to think it was impossible, but after dozens of confessions from different friends how they dig through sites for the simplest greeting text we try to make it easier for them. Or directly - take her, write me something that I want to congratulate someone who you are. And you sit and sweat - to please both the one who will send it and the one who will receive it, and you know only one at best.

It is precisely for this type of people that we offer several SMS suggestions – to copy, to be inspired and to try for themselves next time!

And we wish everyone else to create - personal, unique and unforgettable personal and heartfelt greetings!

A person lives for one name and celebrates because of it! Happy name day!

May your name be he althy and your head he althy!

Being alive and well, bigger and tougher. Happy name day!

A person with one name lives and fights for one good name. Dare!

You were born with a lucky name, may you always be lucky! Happy name day!

May your name always be mentioned in good terms, may your life be like gold and butter!

Always nice people, always nice to be mentioned!

Let us mention your name, honor your wine! Here we come!

May your name be he althy, may your cow's udder weigh!

May your name be glorified, never to be forgotten!

Let grandchildren repeat your name, let even the king hear it!

May your name be heard forever, it is worth more than a million!

Our group is getting up on its feet

and on a name day it arrives!

Under the balcony your name will chant, Give wine, give beer!

Today is a day – great and bright –

Name day the people said!

Let's let it end

and let's swim in infinity!

Born with beauty.

With courage winged.

With wisdom gifted.

Happy name day!

May you always be as happy as the name beautiful!

Let your name whisper, let everything burn for you!

Love stalks you secretly, and in your civil name to shout clearly!

Happy name day, lots of happiness from me too!

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