Fresh Tips for Shaky Manjis

Fresh Tips for Shaky Manjis
Fresh Tips for Shaky Manjis

Hurried, out of breath, with at least two bags in your hands and almost sticking out your tongue from running, you unlock the door, take off your shoes and rush straight into the kitchen. As if in a dream, you take out the necessary products and completely mechanically cook until painful the familiar dish You don't even need to weigh the weight - you've done it so many times. Before long, a wonderful aroma spreads, and the household is impatiently clattering their forks on the table. You serve the meal, and instead of recognition, you get sullen faces and grumbling: "That moussaka again", "I'm tired of your pie" and other similar phrases. Well, being a fakir, you can't keep coming up with new dishes, especially if the budget is tight.

Don't despair! Try partially replacing some of the products or adding new ones to the recipes that have become traditional for your family. Here are some tried and tested tips that work for me.

1. Garlic powder, white pepper and nutmeg - I've been using these three magic spices recently. I put them on cream of mushroom soup, cream of potato soup, breaded cauliflower, wine kebab, spaghetti sauce, rice with vegetables, vegetable patties.

2. Sprouted sunflower seeds - they turn shop salad, cabbage salad and vegetable patties into real magic.

3. Pickles - I put them in spaghetti sauce, stews and kebabs, they add a very spicy taste.

4. I generously sprinkle fresh vegetable salads with ground nuts - walnuts, almonds or peanuts and lightly soaked oatmeal.

5. Vanilla and walnuts in the cheese pie - add two vanilla beans, ground walnuts and a little savory to the pie filling.

6. Try kneading the small cakes with corn flour instead of white. Add chopped olives to the dough.

7. Add half of the amount of spices at the beginning of cooking, and the rest when the dish is almost ready. This way the products absorb the aromas best.

8. You know what I love most about all-inclusive vacations? Swedish tables. Kids love them too. Instead of serving them the meal with the sides on one plate or the finished sandwich, arrange all the dishes and sandwich products on separate plates - let everyone arrange their portion according to their choice.

Although I have no specialized education in the field of cooking, I can boast of 15 years of experience in the family kitchen and a vivid imagination. When I have time, I watch cooking shows and read recipes, but I never copy products and technology one to one - I always "refashion" them to my taste. I hope you like some of the examples and I'd be happy if you could share yours.

And as the French say: “Bon appetit!” – “Bon appetit!”.

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