Three reasons to choose almond over cow's milk

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Three reasons to choose almond over cow's milk
Three reasons to choose almond over cow's milk

How often and what kind of milk do you consume? If you're on a diet, have a lactose allergy, or just don't like the taste and smell of cow's milk, there's a great he althy substitute.

Almond milk is a food product that you can find in any organic store or larger supermarket. If you haven't tasted it yet, here are three reasons to make it your favorite drink.

Almond milk does not affect cholesterol levels

If you care about the he alth of your heart, you can safely replace cow's milk with almond milk. It is rich in monounsaturated fats, which reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, and contains no saturated fat. Therefore, if you have to follow a special diet or care about maintaining good cholesterol levels, drink almond milk.

Contains few calories

This makes it a great drink and addition to your he althy breakfast. Choose almond milk that does not contain sugar. It has half the calories of cow's milk, adds more flavor to your snacks or diet smoothies, and helps you lose weight. You should know that almond milk doesn't contain much protein, but you can get it by eating eggs, fish, chicken.

Reduces the risk of developing cancer

According to research published in the Nutrition and Cancer Journal, consumption of almond milk can help prevent prostate cancer. The study shows that it is possible that cow's milk stimulates the growth of cancer cells because it is believed to contain the hormone estrogen.

In this case, almond milk has the opposite effect and actually suppresses cancer cells by about 30%. And last but not least, you should know that just one cup of it contains 10% of the recommended daily intake for vitamin A, 25% of vitamin D and 50% for vitamin E, 30% calcium.

The other big plus of almond milk is that it has lower potassium and phosphorus content than cow's milk or soy milk, which is a big advantage for people with kidney problems.

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