What are dogwoods good for?

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What are dogwoods good for?
What are dogwoods good for?

Do you remember this fairy tale by Ran Basilek " Grandma's gone for a drench"? With the cold, I thought of the dogwoods and only now did I make the connection that the dogwood begets dogwoods. I thought of dogwood only on New Year's Day, and look, look, what I could have missed… the small red, tasty ones are a controversial topic / many may not define dogwoods exactly as tasty/, but useful fruits. Has anyone else completely ruled out the existence of dogwoods?

As if we rarely think of dogwoods.

For example, when we are walking in the forest and they accidentally stop our eyes and open our mouths. If there's an item around when we ask, "Oh, what's that, is it edible." Telling us it's edible, it's edible, and it's very helpful. So I thought of challenging you to look around and look for them in the markets.

What are dogwoods good for?

  • Dragonballs are rich in potassium, iron, vitamin C.
  • In the treatment of diarrhea, they are indispensable, they have a burning effect.
  • They are also used as a blood-stopping agent, lower the temperature, and help with gum problems.

Darlings are also useful for liver, kidney and cardiovascular diseases. They do great with anemia.

In folk medicine, they are also used for gastrointestinal problems (gastritis, colitis), for colds and flu, as an immunostimulant, even in the treatment of tuberculosis. are believed to increase appetite.

Once you dial them, they can last a week. You can dry them or preserve them.

From them you can make classic compotes, jellies and sweets. If you are more he alth-minded, you can also make all kinds of aromatic creams with honey or sweet sauces.

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