4 the tea for a good mood in winter

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4 the tea for a good mood in winter
4 the tea for a good mood in winter

One of the most useful and consumed drinks is tea. Some like to drink it all year round, while others feel its aromas and taste more strongly during the winter months. Good tea, prepared with great attention to detail, is care for the body. We start from the selection, from the quality product, we prepare it with love and the time is just for us in the company of nice aromas. All of this sounds relaxing, recharging, right? And did you know that mint tea not only soothes an upset stomach, but can also improve our mood?

See which other 4 teas to add to your menu.

A cup of green tea

Green tea is a drink for longevity, a slim figure, and its preparation and consumption is a real ritual that makes us relax for a short time. Western studies show that green tea can help improve blood circulation and reduce cholesterol. Also, green tea is recommended as a drink to maintain good energy levels and burn excess calories. Scientists believe that its regular consumption helps to improve mood, as it contains polyphenols that favor dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain.

Chamomile fragrance

A cup of chamomile tea is another drink that can help us smile more often in the cold months. Chamomile improves the quality of sleep, and according to some data from Western studies, the herb can relieve anxiety, depression. Last but not least, chamomile tea helps us recover faster from colds and flu.

Ginseng tea

Ginseng provides us with antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation in the body. The drink has a wonderful aroma and definitely fatigue has no chance when there is ginseng tea in our daily life. It is a great tool to improve mental functions and overall mood, counteract colds, stress, and consumed at the end of the day is our drink for relaxation.

A glass of spicy ginger

Ginger is truly a gift from nature that we can add to smoothies, smoothies, meals, desserts, consume it in the form of tea. It is our winter drink for he alth and strong immunity, helping with nausea, muscle pain, digestive problems, but also with a bad mood. Its consumption has beneficial effects on the balance of dopamine and serotonin levels. Ginger tea definitely makes us feel good,energetic and smile more.

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