What to never buy on sale?

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What to never buy on sale?
What to never buy on sale?

Sales offer an ideal opportunity to buy expensive goods at a bargain price. A deal like this is not to be missed. However, there are items that we should never buy on sale. See why!


Mattresses are expensive items for which we don't always have enough cash. The better quality they are, the more their price jumps. In some cases, it can even exceed BGN 1,000 for a bedroom.

This price is prohibitive for many households, so people tend to buy mattresses on sale. The bad thing, however, is that mattresses that have stood as a sample and been repeatedly tested by people with dirty clothes and sweat on their skin are most often put up for liquidation. This, combined with the dust and mold in the warehouses and shops, brings great risks of infections, diseases, allergies, asthma and lung problems.

Damaged cans

Canned food is very tempting because it is convenient, pre-prepared and ready to eat. Canned foods last a long time - for months, sometimes even years. That's why many people prefer them.

But at sales, be careful not to buy cans with torn or damaged packaging. This poses a serious risk of introducing bacteria and pathogens that could infect you with serious infections and cause dangerous diseases, including botulism.


Baby milk powder

It is not a good idea to buy formula on sale because its suitability is questionable. Usually, stale goods that are about to expire or have already expired are put on sale when it comes to clear abuse.

If you decide that you will risk buying such a product, read carefully how much time is left until the specified expiration date. It is important to protect your baby from infections and diseases.


Vitamins also have a certain expiration date. It is a common practice to launch vitamins and nutritional supplements on promotion shortly before their expiration date. Do not buy such vitamins, because their beneficial qualities have already decreased and will not have the same effect as if they were bought relatively soon after their production.


Although condoms are not a food product, they can also endanger your he alth. The materials from which condoms are made also have an expiration date, after which they become unfit for their main function - protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

Don't risk your condoms breaking. Buy only those at regular price.



Spices lose their flavor after a certain period of time. It is good to change them every few months, as storing them at home also poses a risk of contamination, bugs, mold and mildew. But it's also important not to buy spices from sales that have already been sitting in warehouses for months before they expire and go on sale.


Make-up is no joke. Old and spoiled makeup can cause skin problems, hormonal imbalance, even digestive problems if used after the expiration date.

When buying makeup on sale, pay attention to the type of packaging, the type of makeup product itself (if possible), and especially the color and smell. If something seems suspicious, don't buy!

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