Tuna salad with chicory and avocado

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Tuna salad with chicory and avocado
Tuna salad with chicory and avocado


  • Products for 2 servings:
  • canned tuna - 1 piece (I prefer fillet in own sauce)
  • chicory – 2 pieces
  • avocado – 1 piece (well ripe)
  • 1 bunch spring onion (more tender)
  • 1 lemon (small)
  • handful of pine nuts
  • s alt, olive oil, mustard



I remove the top leaves of the chicory, wash the rest and leave them in slightly s alted water.

Cut the onion finely, sprinkle with a pinch of s alt and pound it well with a spoon-press. I add the avocado and the juice of 1/3 of the lemon and continue to mash with the press. A thick green mixture is obtained. The onions are not hot from being crushed, and the avocado neutralizes the smell. I spread the mixture into salad bowls.

I cut the chicory leaves into thin strips. I season them with s alt, 1/3 of a lemon and olive oil. A little mustard can also be added. I put on the green mixture.

I open a can of tuna, drain it from the water, break the fish into large pieces and put them in the bowls.

I pour the remaining lemon over the salad. For luxury, I also add some pine nuts, pre-roasted in the oven.

Bon appetit.

This recipe is my own. I first made it a few years ago for my birthday (I was born on March 7). I have experimented with it a lot, but this is the best option.

My favorite is canned "Di alba" - tuna fillet in its own sauce.

The recipe is from the Best Tuna Recipe contest

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