The most important thing about detox regimens

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The most important thing about detox regimens
The most important thing about detox regimens

Detoxification is important for he alth. For some people, detoxification is giving up cigarettes and alcohol. But many of us don't think about what harmful substances we stuff ourselves with every day without realizing it. This includes all refined sugars in ready-made desserts, additives, enhancers, stabilizers, preservatives, sweeteners.

We can list more but the more important thing is to realize how important it is to detox our body regularly.

What should we know about possible detox options?

Detoxification is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind he althy and fresh. It can reduce headaches, memory and concentration problems, digestive tract performance, metabolic efficiency, even brittle nails and weak hair!

In some people, allergic reactions decrease with regular release of toxins in the body. Hormonal levels improve and the kidneys and liver begin to work significantly better.

With regular detoxification, the need for caffeine, smoking, alcohol and large amounts of sugars taken through desserts is reduced. This is necessary due to their complete shutdown during detox. Thus, the body gets used to the absence of these substances and a person gives up harmful habits slowly but surely.


Short Term Detox

There are a number of rapid detox regimens. They have their benefits, just like the long term ones. Generally speaking, short-term detoxification regimens require a 24-hour abstinence from foods and beverages commonly present in daily life. It relies on intake mainly of fruit and vegetable juices.

Short-term detox regimens have an effect on the colon. It cleans itself and regulates its work. The skin becomes radiant and alive as toxins are also removed from it.

Long Term Detox

Long-term detox is a challenge, but worth it. It is necessary to permanently exclude harmful substances from the daily menu. Such are desserts, carbohydrates, heavy and fatty meats, sweeteners.

The emphasis is on fruits, vegetables, fish, herbal teas, fruit and vegetable juices (must be fresh). Physical exercise is recommended for overall body balance. If you decide to do acupuncture, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy or bet on homeopathy, you won't go wrong. All this makes your detox regimen more complete.

3 Day Apple Detox

This mode is also among the most efficient. It consists in eating mostly apples for 3-4 days. A minimum of 6 apples per day is accepted. If you can eat more - so much the better. Apples have the ability to cleanse the intestines of accumulated slags and toxins. Thus, they increase the metabolism and participate in the disposal of harmful substances.

Calory intake is greatly reduced and metabolism is enhanced.


Sea s alt

Detoxification can also be done through the skin, not only through nutrition. Epsom s alt baths draw toxins out of the body through the skin. They intensify the processes of sweating immediately after a bath, which further pushes toxins out of the body.

Indirectly, the work of the colon is stimulated. And the relaxing effect of the Epsom s alt bath is unique.

What are the best detox juices?

One of the most suitable detoxifying juices is citrus and, in particular, lemon. The concentrated citric acid in it has a high pH level, which contributes to the rapid and high-quality breakdown of fats. That is why lemon juice is very often present in the various recipes for preparing detox juices.

You can make fresh juices from other fruits as well, but always make sure to add a little lemon juice to them.

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