How to overcome our laziness

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How to overcome our laziness
How to overcome our laziness

Recently, scientists discovered a gene associated with laziness. What's more, they concluded that not all people have it. Inherited. Isn't the scientific proof of primal laziness a perfect excuse for lazy people?

Justification would be if we had no power over ourselves. Being homo sapiens we are conscious enough to be able to handle our will and control our actions. The fight against laziness begins, here is an action plan:

Work mode

Make a to-do list in advance. Of course, don't think weeks ahead. Limit yourself to your work for the day or even the work you have coming up in the next few hours. Cross off what you've done. You can even buy a milk chocolate and reward yourself after each completed stage. Generally speaking - make a scheme of work. By breaking down our tasks into smaller ones, we are more likely to see them through.

One degree more active

If yoga brings you pleasure and inner peace, if it makes you feel he althy and whole, then don't allow yourself to stay within these limits of your comfort. Find a way to challenge yourself. Running in the park, dancing, riding a bike… try something new too, something that gets your pulse racing and makes you ambitious.

Take Initiative

We all have at least one acquaintance who is the type of person who doesn't go out often, doesn't have fun, doesn't enjoy their work, spends most of their time alone. If you don't know such a person, isn't it about you? A phone call doesn't cost anyone anything, so don't wait to be called first, pick up the phone and take the initiative to organize a date with your friends or loved ones.

Eat he althy

Let's close our eyes for a moment and ignore the above recommended chocolate reward for completed duties. He althy body - he althy mind! A he althy mind - frail laziness! Eat fruits, vegetables, foods that energize the body and revive it. If your mind is also working at full speed, your tasks for the day will be done.

Be creative

Create variety. Move the furniture in the living room or in the bedroom, change the tablecloth, play old music CDs, read old letters, look at black and white albums. Do some applied art, revive your hobbies, fulfill a childhood dream. Find your stimulus generator and put all your energy into it. Don't give in to laziness without a fight!

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