How to improve your flexibility

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How to improve your flexibility
How to improve your flexibility

Flexibility is important for our body. It gives us the opportunity to move more freely, improves blood circulation, the elasticity of blood vessels and reduces pain in the spine and muscles when sitting for a long time, especially if work is related to it.

This is why we need flexibility. Without it, the body's main functions weaken their positive effect, as a result of which the overall he alth suffers.

How to improve your flexibility?

Always warm up before exercise

Some people skip the warm-up before training because they consider it unnecessary. This is not so. It has its important functions. The warm-up stimulates flexibility, relaxes and prepares the muscles for work and protects against painful consequences after finishing the exercises.

Do different stretches

Stretching or stretching the muscles and tendons before exercise is just as important as warming up beforehand. Stretching allows the muscle fibers to prepare for the work ahead without creating a risk of injury. However, it is important to not only stretch each individual muscle group, but to do it in different ways to challenge the body to handle a different technique each time.


Do Yoga

Even if you are not a fan of yoga, it is good to practice it from time to time. It helps to increase the elasticity of the tendons, muscles and spine. Therefore, it contributes a lot to improving overall flexibility. This will help you in your other physical training as well.

Do exercises to stimulate the hip flexor (muscle)

In order to improve the flexibility of both the legs and the spine, you should do the hip flexor stretching exercise. This is a muscle attached to the back of the thigh.


is done by squatting on one knee. The other knee is bent at 90 degrees and the foot is planted firmly on the ground. The knee that remains behind the back is also bent and pressed as close as possible to the back. Stay in this position for 3-4 seconds and repeat with the other leg.


Massages help not only to relax muscles and reduce body pain, but also to improve flexibility. Thanks to relaxation and recovery of muscle fibers, flexibility is also improved.

Do stretching after training too

Stretching is not only done before training to prepare the muscles for work. It is also done afterwards to calm the tense fibers that have been under tension during the workouts.

Do the hands-behind-the-back exercise

Most people find it difficult to touch their hands behind their back, let alone grasp them. But with hard work and persistence, an effect is achieved. With time and exercise, the upper body becomes more flexible.

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