Interesting facts about cheese

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Interesting facts about cheese
Interesting facts about cheese

Cheese is one of the most beloved and useful foods that we consume every day. Did you know that the most popular cheese in the world is “Cheddar”, but not the most consumed.

And if you were mistaken that the French are the biggest consumers of cheese in the world, the following trivia will reveal to you who eats more cheese than the sophisticated French.

Fact 1

There is no exact information about the origin of cheese, but according to archaeological research, the origin of the beloved product dates back to 6000 BC. Research also shows that at that time cheese was made from cows and goats milk in Mesopotamia.

Fact 2

World Market offers more than 2,000 varieties of cheese, with mozzarella cited as the most preferred cheese.

Fact 3

Greeks are the biggest cheese consumers in the world. On average, one person consumes about 27.3 kg of cheese per year.

Globally, the production of cheese exceeds the production of coffee, tobacco, tea and cocoa.


Fact 5

The first cheese factory was established in Switzerland in 1815. In 1851, mass production of cheese began in America.

Fact 6

Cheese can be made from different types of milk, such as cow, buffalo, goat, sheep, horse milk, even camel milk.

Fact 7

During the Roman Empire, large Roman houses had separate kitchens for cheese production, which were called "careale".

Fact 8

Some types of cheese such as mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss cheese can help prevent tooth decay. When we eat them, the secretion of saliva is encouraged, which leads to the removal of sugars and acids in the oral cavity. Cheese also has an antibacterial effect and protects tooth enamel.

Fact 9

After the fall of the Roman Empire, monks were responsible for inventing some of the classic cheese varieties we know today. According to the British Cheese Board, there are around 700 different local cheeses in the UK. It is estimated that in France and Italy about 400 species are known for each country.

Fact 10

The different aromas, colors and textures of cheese come from many factors, including the type of milk, the type of bacteria or acids used to make it, the length of aging, the addition of other flavors or mold.

Fact 11

To produce 1 kg of cheese, between 7 and 10 liters of milk are needed.

Fact 12

The most expensive cheese in the world is made from the milk of a moose on a small farm in Sweden. The animals are domesticated, which is very rare for moose. They are milked only in certain months of the year. One kilogram of the resulting cheese costs $500.

Fact 13

Cheese can also be made from human breast milk. Le Petit Singly is a small farm located in France. In it, cheese is prepared from donated breast milk. The producers of the cheese claim that it is rich in important vitamins, and its taste is slightly reminiscent of hazelnuts.

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