Black Friday in Bulgaria: how to spend a little and buy a lot

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Black Friday in Bulgaria: how to spend a little and buy a lot
Black Friday in Bulgaria: how to spend a little and buy a lot

The tradition of writing letters to Santa Claus should be invented only because parents do not need to rack their brains over a gift for the child and the child learns to formulate his wishes. And that really needs to be learned. The skill is useful, enjoyable, and few adults realize what they really want.

How much is Black Friday?

The good news: the skill can be trained. For example, the upcoming holiday season is a great reason to practice. And the first of the series of holidays is the holiday of sales and discounts Black Friday.

The idea of a day of mass discounts was born in America, so the date of Black Friday is tied to another traditionally American holiday - Thanksgiving, which is usually celebrated on the last Thursday of November. will be held in Bulgaria on November 29.

On this day, many stores will have generous sales. To resist such an influx of bargains, it is better to prepare in advance and make a list of desired products. You can also list gift ideas for your friends and relatives because Christmas and New Year are just around the corner.

Black Friday Ideas 2019

During the main sale of the year there is a chance to buy branded, high quality items at attractive prices. That's why it's worth adding products to your wishlist that you don't have the determination to buy on a daily basis.

For example, these can be luxury or niche perfumes. Favorites from the past few years: luxurious fragrance Yves Saint Laurent Libre and feminine Gucci Bloom. These are far from cheap perfumes. But on the days of Black Friday, they can be purchased at tempting discounts.

Another idea is to create your own kit or buy one ready made. For example, a set of hair care products with shampoo, conditioner or conditioner, serum and mask Kérastase or L'Oréal Professionnel.

Such a set will be used for a long time, the integrated approach will enhance the effect of the funds, and it is also a good idea for a gift to mom, sister or friend.

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