Cleaning the refrigerator - how often?

Cleaning the refrigerator - how often?
Cleaning the refrigerator - how often?

How often do we clean the refrigerator?

To take out everything that it currently contains, to examine what is edible and what is not, to wash the refrigerator itself and return the usable products. Oh, I forgot to mention the unpleasant defrosting of the refrigerator if it is from the older versions. It's not much work, but if your fridge is bigger it could take a few hours.

In my opinion, this is a rather tedious and unpleasant duty, but certainly necessary.

Those who are of my opinion that it is not a particularly favorite activity will surely agree that we clean the refrigerator every 1 month.

Others who are bigger purists and pedantic may tell you that you should do it every two weeks, why not every week.

In fact, if you have different compartments for the different products - meats, fruits and vegetables, cheeses, etc., if most of them are in boxes or foil, the refrigerator will not get so dirty and you will be able to clean only the dirty compartment. And if you do the "Empty the Fridge" meal every Friday, you will certainly not have any stale products.

How often do you usually clean the refrigerator?

And how did our grandmothers manage without a refrigerator?

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