"The messages of the body" - Ina Siegel

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"The messages of the body" - Ina Siegel
"The messages of the body" - Ina Siegel

About the author

Ina Sigal is an internationally recognized healer in the field of holistic and energy medicine. She has helped millions of people around the world discover their healing potential and heal their bodies and lives.

About the book

“I wrote a book I would like to use” - Ina Siegel

The Messages of the Body is more than a book; it's part of a new he alth movement that aims to encourage and teach people to feel their bodies and participate in their own healing.

An incredible experience awaits you that will gift you with powerful methods and healing vibrations leading to he alth and well-being".

People are becoming more and more aware that there is a direct relationship between our emotional and mental state and our physical he alth. We already know that illness is often the result of blocked emotions and faulty thought patterns. The good news is that while our own thoughts and feelings have the power to make us sick, they also have the power to heal us.

Ina Siegel's book is an easy-to-use practical guide that will help us establish a connection with our own body and its healing potential. From here we will learn:

  • How to free ourselves from the toxic effects of certain emotions and ideas.
    • How to eliminate the cause of our illnesses using positive affirmations, light and color visualization, relaxation and meditation.
      • How to successfully self-treat various ailments: headache, back pain, anxiety, heart problems, overweight, digestive disorders, asthma, etc.
        • How to go from being a passive witness to being an active participant in our own healing.


        "Messages of the Body" is a manual for restoring the perfect he alth of the body and healing the life. Ina Siegel offers invaluable truths about the hidden causes of disease and ailments and practical advice that will undoubtedly empower many to heal themselves. So read and draw from the wisdom of this book: it can lead you to the life you are truly meant to live.”

        Dr. Bernie Siegel, New York Times bestselling author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles

        The Body's Messages is an exciting book that hits the mark! I sincerely hope that people from all corners of the Earth will embrace the message of healing with their hearts and bodies to enjoy vitality and well-being!”

        Dr. Christian Northrup, New York Times bestselling author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

        “This book teaches us to listen to the messages of the body and leads us step by step to he alth achieved through simple but effective healing methods and principles. Ina Siegel shows how thoughts, energy and emotions affect he alth. The wisdom of the body is no longer a secret, but a powerful guide to transform every area of your life.

        Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of The Success Principles (TM)

        “An easy-to-use practical guide that can help you connect with your own body and its healing potential by offering the tools to participate in your own healing. "Messages of the Body" inspires and teaches us how to fully communicate with our own bodies."

        Brandon Bays, bestselling author of The Journey

        “You don't have to be sick to benefit from this remarkable book. Ina Siegel offers simple yet powerful exercises that will help you connect with your own body and inner wisdom to achieve physical, mental and emotional healing at the deepest level and live a happier, he althier and more fulfilling life.“

        Dr. Hilla Kass, author of Natural Heights, former clinical assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine

        “I was skeptical at first. But I tried anyway and found it to be a magical book. Very simple, but it works and can heal you.”

        Dr. Roger Cole, cancer and palliative care specialist, bestselling author of Mission of Love

        "Even if you don't know what's wrong with you, this book will help you start on the path of healing and with Ina's help, heal yourself!"

        Dr. Jerry Rosenbaum, co-author of What's wrong with me?

        "I have used many of the techniques and the improvements in my quality of life are truly remarkable."

        Mary-Anne Gallagher, Psychologist

        “An amazing book by an authoritative healer. Take it as a beginner's guide to achieving wonderful he alth of mind, body, and spirit.”

        Simon Reynolds, chairman and creative director of Love Communications and author of "Get Happy in Eight Minutes"

        “Ina shows us how to understand and communicate with our body. She succeeds in a wonderful way to reach what may be the next frontier for psychologists: the wisdom of the body. The book is filled with valuable insights about ourselves and more importantly, about holistic living.”

        Rob Hilliard, Psychologist

        “Ina's detailed book will help you achieve a deep understanding of the intimate connection between mind and body. Her brilliant insights and fascinating real-life stories challenge us to overcome our personal prejudices and limitations.”

        Dr. Ron Ralis, Chiropractor

        “Great insights into how we can all enjoy he alth and wellness!

        Tom Hartman, bestselling author of Cracking the Code and host of his own show on KPOJ radio

        “He alth is a key element of a successful life. "Messages of the Body" explores and develops awareness of the important connection between mind, body and spirit that is paramount to a he althy life."

        Jim Stovall, bestselling author of The Ultimate Gift

        “Ina Siegel's recommendations and techniques are unmatched in their effectiveness. As a therapist with many years of experience, I guarantee the accuracy and practicality of her advice. I highly recommend you buy the book. It will become a classic in the field of mind-body medicine.”

        Dr. Ralph Ballard, Homeopath and Clinical Hypnosis Specialist

        “Ina Siegel's book Messages of the Body is a significant contribution to the growing body of knowledge in the realms of mind, body, and spirit. Her work covers the hidden mental and emotional causes of disability in all parts of the body and presents new discoveries about the role of emotions and color healing. And most importantly, the book focuses on what people can do for themselves, not what professionals can do for them.“

        Peter Johnston, Holistic General Practitioner

        “Discover your inner intelligence and transform your life! This is the potential of Ina Siegel's book. Messages from the Body is a well-written, practical and in-depth guide to solving he alth problems using our own intuition. Maybe he is exactly what we need on the way to prosperity."

        Dr. Tim Bairaszewski, General Practitioner

        “Ina intuitively finds a practical explanation for life's problems and offers a way to solve them. "Messages from the Body" is a wonderful book for anyone seeking love, peace, and inner integration."

        Sean Resnick, Naturopath and Homeopath

        “Ina's book on the hidden energy causes of disease is one of the most comprehensive texts on the subject. Her writing style makes even the most complex issues accessible to anyone who wants to learn more about the emotional factors of disease. The suggested meditations are especially strong, making the book not only a valuable source of insight, but also an extremely practical guide."

        Darren Walsh, Chinese Medicine Specialist

        “Ina is an amazingly gifted healer. I have participated in two workshops that had a remarkable effect on my life. Ina opened doors for me that allowed me to grow and learn how to heal myself and others. "Messages from the Body" is a wonderful, understandable and simple guide that will help you change your life for the better."

        Jo Hill, Nurse



        Messages from the Body is exactly what the sub title suggests: a guide to better he alth. Perhaps you will ask why you need such a manual and what it will teach you. I will answer you. This book can show you how to achieve the life you were meant to live, but most of us don't. Every Monday we are bombarded with news about illnesses, heart attacks, strokes and suicides. I think our bodies are trying their best to tell us something about how our lives, work, relationships and attitudes are affecting us and our he alth.

        If we don't pay attention to our sensations and messages, our bodies can decide that we're not enjoying our lives and get rid of us pretty soon. This is also the appeal of this book: to stop living the life of our false self that others have imposed on us; to eliminate not ourselves, but what kills us. Thus, listening to the signals of our body, we will literally save our lives.

        The Messages of the Body is a practical guide aimed at today's readers. Read and walk to the new life, guided by guidance you can understand and actions you can perform; be reborn and restore your body to perfect he alth by allowing it to guide and guide you in life's healing.

        Regenerate life brings many benefits, one of which is cured diseases. Just as bacteria, viruses and plants change their genetic makeup and become resistant to antibiotics, vaccines and changes in climate, so we are capable of internal healing. It is far more difficult for us because our lives are vastly more complex, but if we listen to the messages of our sentient cells and create a life-supporting internal environment, self-healing can become more common.

        Naturally, for this purpose, you must be willing to look into your body and feelings, instead of living only in your head and thoughts. Entertainment and drugs are not the right answer to feelings. As one lawyer said in a moment of crisis (and lawyering can be a serious disease): “The conclusion I reached was perfectly reasonable, perfectly logical, and absolutely wrong. Because while I was learning to think, I had almost forgotten to feel."

        The truth is that many of us do not pay enough attention to our feelings because our feelings cause us suffering. Most of us have grown up under the sign of mottos that teach us how to die, not how to live. We must leave behind the painful past and overcome the destructive messages received from various authorities - parents, teachers, clergy, doctors and others.

        Words have a hypnotic effect on children up to the age of six, which is subsequently very difficult to overcome and has a detrimental effect on their body and he alth. In search of more pleasurable sensations, they often turn to violent behavior and various forms of addiction as a result of their damaged nervous system. Body language should not remain shrouded in mystery. We would not want you to wake up to life and become strong only when trouble befalls you. We want you to learn from your body how to survive and be strong enough to withstand the elements, yet flexible enough to back down when circumstances call for it. Making sense of your symptoms can lead you down the path to healing.

        Pain is necessary to protect and define ourselves. If we never felt pain, it would be detrimental to our life and body. But when we discover the meaning of pain and misery, we no longer need to suffer. Pain and suffering are different things.

        Consciousness is not localized and we must tune in to the messages we receive. The fact that organ recipients can say a lot about the lives of donors says that our biography is stored in our cells.

        A few years ago, while training for a marathon and doing the things I normally do, I got vertigo. I asked myself how I would describe this feeling to others and the words I heard were, "The world is spinning." I knew my body was telling me to slow down and rest; he purposely made it difficult for me to get out of bed in the morning. When I looked up "vertigo" in the list of ailments in that book, I saw the same thing my body had told me. I am currently having problems with my right ankle and again I find the answer here in Section One: "too many responsibilities". We can talk to our body and learn from it, as well as draw on the wisdom of this book to heal ourselves even more easily and quickly.

        If you are willing to practice, you really can become the person you want to be. We can teach and guide you, but you have to practice. We know that the chemical composition of the blood in our body changes depending on the role we play. Actors have been found to have changes in immune function and cortisol levels while on stage: tragedy can make them sick, comedy helps them resist illness. Remember we are talking about healing life. Healing and healing are two different things; a healed life resists many diseases and is more likely to heal the body.

        Don't let beliefs stop you. Rely on your own experience, let it guide you. I myself have learned from my own body and the work of healers that it is possible to achieve amazing things that we were never taught at university. If you live the way that Ina Sigal suggests, you will turn from an obedient and long-suffering patient into a responsible participant in the healing process. Let the child in you come to the fore, trust your love and sense of humor, feel what they can do for your body. Before, my wife Bobbi and I used to do joint presentations: she performed comic monologues and I spoke about he alth. It was impressive how much he althier everyone looked after just fifteen minutes of laughter. And she was getting a lot more thanks than me.

        So learn from your body and your problem and allow the charcoal under pressure to become a diamond to free you from darkness and suffering. I must point out that despite what many of us have been led to believe, this is not about guilt, shame and accusations. The question is not where you went wrong, but what you can do well, participating in your life and communicating with your inner wisdom. Yes, I have been injured and faced he alth problems that have nothing to do with emotional trauma, but with accidents or tick bites, for example. However, by listening to my body, I am able to heal faster and prevent chronic problems; I don't need an illness to satisfy my needs. So stop worrying about whether you are doing something right or failing because of the messages of the past, and participate in your life and play the best you can.

        The body is a gift. It reveals life to us, just as the television screen presents to us the content of the program we are watching. I work with dreams and drawings of patients and I know that the body can speak in symbols. I use them when explaining the diagnosis so that patients can see the manifestations of their inner wisdom and make the right choice of therapy.

        The colors in the patients' drawings also carry specific meaning and express emotions. Art therapists and Jungian therapists are aware of this, although they did not receive this knowledge in medical school. There is nothing accidental in the fact that in his book "Cancer Hospital" Alexander Solzhenitsyn describes self-healing as "a butterfly in the colors of the rainbow." Here you have the transformation and all the emotions associated with it, united in one symbol. Don't be afraid to take a step forward and listen to your body.

        This is not about whether you are doing something right or wrong, whether you are good or bad; it's a matter of being open to the universal language of spirit and the unconscious expressed through the body. Allow your body to guide you and guide you to the right choices and treatment, and ultimately to the healing of your life.

        Dr. Bernie Siegel, bestselling author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles and Faith, Hope, and Healing


        Learn to heal yourself and release the negative beliefs that hold you captive. Shake off destructive emotions – such as resentment, fear, depression, anger, frustration, jealousy and hopelessness. Connect with your body's wisdom; learn to use your intuition; open your heart; fill yourself with joy, compassion, clarity, inner peace and love. Discover your body's innate intelligence and use it to achieve amazing transformation.

        How do I know all this is possible? I myself have experienced the incredible transformation of healing and have worked with thousands of other people who have changed their lives. They have replaced the previous joyless, disease-filled and dissatisfaction-filled existence with a fulfilling life, overflowing with he alth and joy from the wise and intimate knowledge of oneself. When you break out of the shell that hides your true nature, you will discover the radiance of your authentic self.

        I don't want you to believe me. The important thing here is not to listen to others, but to find your own answers. Here's what I tell participants in the Insightful Intuitive Visualization Course: I believe that anyone who puts themselves into the process receives many gifts, insights, expanded consciousness, and opportunities for growth, transformation, and healing. I can give you the key, but how you use it is entirely up to you. Only you have the power to change your life.

        Your body gives you feedback. This book will show you how to understand his messages. She offers a range of practical exercises for harmony and healing. All of them are simple, easy and fast; you don't need previous experience. As long as you can breathe, relax, read, think and move your body, you can heal yourself.

        I have used these exercises in my work with many people to successfully relieve various conditions: headaches, back pain, anxiety, heart problems, obesity, digestive disorders, asthma, and many others.

        In your hands are the tools to remove destructive patterns and beliefs and emotional baggage at the cellular level to discover the incredible being you truly are: full of radiant potential, genius and divine power. All that is asked of you is that you are willing to use the information in front of you to heal yourself and change your life.

        One of my students didn't believe she was capable of breaking free from despair and depression until she discovered that beneath her problems lay a deep, penetrating, transforming love. Through this healing, she changed her life and her relationships with her husband, children and loved ones. She learned that she is worthy of love and no longer suffers from panic attacks and depression.

        Another young woman realized that her addiction to cigarettes was a way to feel closer to her father. At this point the tobacco lost its strength. She quit smoking that same day.

        Many of the great teachers, healers, and prophets in history have said, "Know thyself," because when you have that knowledge, you have choice, and when you have choice, you have freedom and access to prosperity. "Know thyself" and "Heal thyself" are great ideas. The problem is that most people don't know how to do it. My intention with this book is to give you the tools to look within and discover the source of prosperity and vitality.

        A successful businessman once shared that after learning to listen to his body and follow its messages, he not only cured his back and knee pain, but also started making better business decisions. In fact, after attending my seminars, his income tripled thanks to his heightened intuitive insight.

        Discovering inner wisdom and tuning into yourself is not something you do a few times a year; it is a way of life. When you begin to experience the amazing benefits, expand your consciousness, and experience the power of self-healing, you'll never look back.

        Volume: 368 pages

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