International bean festival in the village of Raduil

International bean festival in the village of Raduil
International bean festival in the village of Raduil

On September 6 and 7, 2014, the 12th edition of the International Bean Festival will be held in the village of Raduil, Samokov municipality. The event was held for the first time in 2003 at the initiative of the late Georgi Bojilov-GEBO and its purpose is to promote the unique taste qualities and nutritional value of the Raduil bean.

His followers continue to organize the festival every year, attracting guests from all over the country and abroad.

Боб the fest is no longer just about presenting the local varieties of beans that Raduilians are so proud of, but has become a way for people to preserve and pass on their traditions,folklore and dance riches.


This year, once again, the festival will be visited by another guest loved and awaited by everyone - the culinary festival "A colorful table in my city". A special guest will bechef Peño Ivanov, who will cook beans according to a unique recipe in "The chef's tray"

Guests of the international festival in the village will be able to eat traditional bean soup, which will be prepared in front of them in the courtyard of the church., dedicated to the bean, an exhibition of traditional crafts and a folklore program, in which about 70 ensembles from all over the country will take part.

The beginning of the celebrations will be given at 11.00 in the square in front of the community center with kuker games and three rumbles of the bean ball. Entrance is free.


In 1892 Raduil beans were presented at the first exhibition at the International Plovdiv Fair and were awarded a gold medal. The bean is not a local variety, but was brought to the village - the white one from Italy in the 18th century, and the variegated one later from Serbia, but the favorable climate and soil ennobled it.

The Raduil bean also has a patent issued by the Agricultural Institute in Obraztsov Chiflik.

For "A colorful table of guests in your city":

The culinary festival "A colorful table of guests of my city" is an initiative of the Association for the Development of Arts and Crafts - 7, which began in 2008.

The festival is traveling, held annually and visits villages across the country to explore, showcase and enrich traditions in cuisine, folklore and crafts. "A colorful table of guests of my city" is an attractive event like no other.

Partners with municipalities, local community centers and residents of the settlements it visits.

The festival has already traveled almost 20,000 kilometers across the country in search of traditions and has given half a million residents and guests of over 70 settlements the opportunity to touch living traditions.

  • The culinary festival has an extremely rich program, which includes:· demonstration of dishes from the Bulgarian national cuisine
  • holding a competition for original Bulgarian regional recipes
  • introducing chefs from various restaurants
  • holding a competition for young chefs - students in vocational high schools in the respective region
  • outdoor exhibition of children's drawings on the culinary theme "Grandma's recipes"
  • holding tasting competitions - themed competitions for the fastest eating pie, beans, yogurt
  • presentation of folklore from the respective region; demonstration of traditional crafts

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