Let's get bolder

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Let's get bolder
Let's get bolder

Lili Ignatova is one of the golden girls of Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics. As a competitor, she won 19 gold, 12 silver, 2 bronze medals for Bulgaria (winner of two world cups and a European title). Today, she successfully combines the roles of coach of the national team - ensemble, president of the Lily Sport Club, head of the show "The Legend" and mother of two children. In the busy schedule of training, appearances and competitions, she agreed to give an interview specifically for the I-woman. At the end of this week, she is traveling with the national team to Baku, where they will be competing in the World Cup. Let's wish success to our girls and let's all believe that they will return to Bulgaria with the gold.

What profession did you dream of as a child?

Something artistic. Ballerina, actress - something to do with performance. I really liked the dresses of ballerinas and I wanted to have a beautiful dress and dance. I wanted to be on stage.

What are your current professional ambitions?

Right now what I'm doing is to do as well as possible and achieve some success. And since both of them are related to the performance of Bulgaria (the national rhythmic gymnastics team and the performance "The Legend"), I really want to change the opinion about us. We want to make Bulgarians proud to be Bulgarians and the world to respect us more. My desire for success is related to this - that the associations for Bulgaria be with something good. And when we become a respected country, young people should stay here, contribute to the success of our country and its development.

Are there times when professionally it is difficult for you as a woman? Or do you feel discriminated against or facilitated by your gender?

It is difficult for a woman nowadays, because apart from all social and professional commitments, it is still believed that household and family duties are only for her. Discrimination is not in terms of opportunities for realization, but rather in the mind of the man, who still thinks that the woman is an extension of him and does not perceive her as an equal partner. And to some extent it also exists in the woman's mind, because many women have not yet overcome it. Women need to become a little braver and men need to embrace equality. It's all at the level of consciousness and I think this should be overcome.

If you take stock of your journey, what would you point to as your greatest success?

I have had many successes. I can't say which one is the biggest. Every success or failure is equally significant and important for the building of man. Besides the successes in gymnastics, my children and the creation of the show are a big success for me. Perhaps the biggest is that I was able to survive a series of storms and upheavals and grow. The fact that I have withstood the tests - sports fame, fame. That I haven't changed much, or at least not in a negative way.

What do you spend more time on - your family or your profession? Is that what the circumstances dictate or is it your decision?

I believe that there are no circumstances that absolutely unequivocally make a person do something. There is always a choice and one chooses what to do and at what cost. For me, both are very important commitments and I have to find the right balance. There are, of course, moments when I spend more time on work, on others - family. I balance like walking a tightrope.

What do you want to teach the children?

I will try to convey to them everything that I have learned as a life experience and that I consider to be correct. Whether they will understand it is another matter. Apart from all the most basic values that everyone should teach their child - hard work, love for people, respect for the work of others, compassion, striving for development - professionally, in life and at school (which should be the idea of education as well) I want to provoke them to form a high level of social consciousness and succeeding in their life not only with their own interest, but to be directed to the whole world, with the consciousness of global commitment.

What message would you send to Bulgarian women?

Bulgarian women should be aware of their strength and capabilities. As women and Bulgarians to believe in themselves, to get out of their role as a satellite of the man and to demand their spiritual and human growth in harmony with the man, and not as his accessory.

Favorite color, song, taste, place?

White because it contains all the colors in itself. I like and use the entire spectrum of the rainbow, but especially the white one.

It is different at every moment and depends a lot on my state of mind.

I start with the sweet, but I really like s alty and spicy. And I don't know what I love more.

I really like to be at home, in my room, on my bed. But also wherever there is good music and good company (and even without good company).

Favorite cooking recipe? Something you like to cook yourself?

I can make creme caramel very quickly because the kids love it very much. And various salads.

The easiest spaghetti sauce (which can also be just as a sandwich) includes tomatoes seasoned with olive oil, s alt, basil and crushed garlic. Pour into the hot spaghetti and it makes a perfect vegetarian spaghetti.

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