Fruit biscuit cake

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Fruit biscuit cake
Fruit biscuit cake



1 packet of tea biscuits

1 pack oil

1 vanilla

3 eggs

18 tablespoons sugar

flour enough to make a sponge mixture

fruits (best served with cherry jam and apricot compote)

If you use compote, save its syrup and sweeten it further. If you are using jam fruit, make a syrup from 2 spoons of rum, about 300 g of water and sugar in such an amount that you get the desired sweetness.


In the pan in which you will bake the pastry, put parchment paper (well greased) on the bottom. Arrange the biscuits on it. They must cover the bottom. Pour the heated, melted butter on the biscuit layer. Wait for it to absorb into the biscuits. Arrange the fruits on the prepared biscuits (you should not overdo it. As an example: half an apricot from compote on one biscuit, if you use jam, drain it from its syrup. The quantity for jam is 2 teaspoons of jam per 1 biscuit).

The moment you have finished the entire described procedure, beat the eggs with the sugar and add 2 times the sifted flour, while stirring slowly to allow the mixture to absorb more air (you can add half of baking powder). After you have already prepared it, pour it into the pan on top of the biscuits and fruit and bake until pink.

When the cake is ready, pour it with extra sweetened compote syrup or one that you have prepared yourself. It becomes syrupy so that the marshmallow swells.

When serving the cake, it is turned over with the biscuits on top and, if desired, it can be sprinkled with ground walnuts, apricot kernels or decorated in any other way you prefer.

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