Abracadabra Quick Cake

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Abracadabra Quick Cake
Abracadabra Quick Cake


In the hectic whirlwind of time, sometimes we can't even indulge in the simple pleasures - such as making something delicious and beautiful for your loved ones.

And when it's imperative, like a birthday or another holiday? Then an Abracadabra Cake must be made.


ready-made marshmallows – if you have 1 hour more, you can also make it with homemade marshmallows

smetana (liquid or sour) - whatever you prefer - the liquid should be whipped for at least 15 minutes and with it the cake becomes lighter and airier. With fermented it becomes more sour and heavier, in my opinion also tastier.

fruits – bananas, peaches, other fruits or (sweet)

ground walnuts (raisins, hazelnuts – whatever you have on hand and whatever you like)

decorating stuff – coffee, chocolate bars, frozen fruit, (whatever you like)

compote juice (water with sugar)


The cake is really made for a standard, it should take you 30 minutes at most.

You syrup the first sponge with compote juice, arrange the fruits (they can be pureed or cut into pieces). For example, on the first layer, put the mashed banana, sprinkle with walnuts and spread with the cream.

You put the second sponge and repeat the procedure. On the third, you decorate with whatever you decide.

The taste is guaranteed, and if you have helpers you can reduce the time to make this cake to 15 minutes.

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