A few tips from Ivan Zvezdev for the festive table

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A few tips from Ivan Zvezdev for the festive table
A few tips from Ivan Zvezdev for the festive table

At a specially organized Christmas workshop, the Bulgarian master chef Ivan Zvezdev demonstrates how to save from the family budget so that we have more funds left for gifts for loved ones. Ivan Zvezdev bets on Fairy for a more relaxed and economical welcome to the holidays. Everyone and master chefs like to have a helper they can count on.

And this Christmas, bet on this detergent, whose formula lasts an incredibly long time and helps to wash a larger number of dishes. At the workshop, Ivan Zvezdev gave his ideas for a spectacular table. It shows that it doesn't take much to make your holiday extra special.

Here are some tips and recommendations from practice that Ivan Zvezdev shares:

“To save money for more gifts, you can take advantage of these economical and practical tips:

Traditionally, on Christmas Eve, among the 7 lean dishes, stuffed peppers, cabbage and grape sarmi are cooked. Do not cook them separately, but put them together in a clay pot. Pour enough cabbage soup over them and stew them in the oven for 1 hour. This will save you time washing more pots and use less detergent

When the sterilized cucumbers are finished, do not throw away the brine. Use it to marinate Christmas steaks. It is enough for them to stay in it for a few hours and that way they will become more fragile and much tastier

When cleaning carrots, cabbage, parsley stalks, mushroom stumps, peppers or onion skins, do not throw them away, but cover them with water and s alt. Boil for 20 minutes and you will get a natural and very aromatic broth that you can store in the freezer in smaller portions, in plastic cups or yogurt buckets. So every soup will be even tastier

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