7 tips for a cozy home

7 tips for a cozy home
7 tips for a cozy home

Home is the dock after the day's challenges. For that make it more cozy and comfortable:

If you have a fireplace or wood stove, wrap pine cones or cinnamon sticks in newspaper and toss into the fire for a magical aroma.

A shaggy/thick carpet immediately creates a feeling of coziness in the home. The downside is that it's harder to clean, but it's definitely worth it. For an even more "soft" feel, put plush cushions on sofas and armchairs.

In every truly cozy home food is cooked over a slow fire. Take out the clay casserole from the bottom of the cupboard and start preparing dinner before noon. The aroma of coffee, homemade cookies, cake and pie always creates a pleasant feeling of being at home.

Don't forget the big fluffy towels in the bathroom and toilet.

The lighting in a room can make a big difference, even if everything else is the same. In addition to a chandelier, play with the light in the room with sconces, sconces or table lamps.

And what are the coziest colors – the warm pastel shades of red and brown. Bet on them when choosing a color for large elements of the interior - walls, floor, furniture and combine with another sharper color in decorative accents (vases, pots, picture frames) for a more pronounced individual spiritof each room.

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