What tips you will get in Bride School

What tips you will get in Bride School
What tips you will get in Bride School

For the fourth time, proven experts will generously give their advice in "Bride School". The event will take place on March 9 and 10 at Mall Bulgaria. Only for a weekend, 25 women will be able to benefit from the services of specialists.

“For men, it is much easier because they buy a suit and are ready for the wedding. A woman has an awful lot of preparation. 80% of the wedding is the bridal dress," said the organizer of the "Bride School" Emilia Kurkutiadi to Bulgaria ON AIR.

Fitness model Bilyana Yotovska joins the initiative to guide brides-to-be on the best way to achieve perfect physical shape.

“I really hope there will be time to adequately consult each bride so that she is in her best shape. It is good to have time and prepare properly. I agree with the figure of the girl and with the dress. Everything goes hand in hand with proper nutrition, drinking enough water and enough sleep," Yotovska shared in "Bulgaria morning".

Hairdresser Vili Borshukova will also be part of the event. According to her, it is very important that before the wedding, brides have a clear concept of the style of the dress, which is combined with the hairstyle and make-up.

“It's important to know how to show off the beauty of the dress and that the hair coloring and conditioning steps happen well in advance of the wedding day,” she noted.

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