How to preserve potency?

How to preserve potency?
How to preserve potency?

We already have serious intentions towards a particular man and this sometimes makes us very aggressive and we start recklessly entering his personal space. Of course, it only looks that way from his point of view. We are just worried about his he alth. Unwittingly, we start obsessing over how quickly it ends during the sexual act, counting how many times and sometimes we almost become obsessed. Of course we never admit it.

But without wanting to, we begin to interfere in his lifestyle and diet. We don't let him eat too many french fries, for example, don't wear tight jeans, etc.n., which for us simply means that we want to live with a he althy man with a he althy back for the rest of our lives.

To him, it mostly means that we just want to get on his head and control him. And just when we are considering plans for a successor and therefore want our chosen one to be in his best shape, he suddenly one day knocks on our door and tells us that we are not for each other. Unbelievable, but common. Men often take our concern as a desire for manipulation. Our anxiety about the future as a manifestation of control.

Therefore, we must show our concern as carefully and unobtrusively as possible. Unfortunately, reproductive problems affect women much more often than men, but we are the ones who are more used to taking care of our he alth and that of those around us, and our heart does not allow us to see how our favorite man is breaking down. Of course from our point of view.

Apart from everything else, it is of particular importance to us that our own man is gifted enough and potent enough. Because no one wants to be lonely in bed again a year after the wedding and wondering what to do.

It has become a proverbial opinion that tight underwear, as well as jeans, reduce male potency, but how to wean men from wearing them? Gradually. Like admiring them whenever we see them in costume, for example. Men are vain - sooner or later they will believe us.

Scientists are particularly suspicious of the claim that hot baths and laptops are the cause of decline in male potency. It is logical that as soon as the testicles are moved outside the male body, their temperature will be lower than that of other organs, and when they get too hot, the amount of sperm produced decreases. Of course this only happens when practiced consistently.

Well, to be more sure that our beloved will not get damaged, we can prepare the bath with a little cooler water and go in with him to warm him up.

For more potency we can use more celery in the kitchen and experiment by adding it to more of the dishes we prepare. Especially in the evening. Then we can prepare a big bowl of various nuts for in front of the TV. Because it's very sexy and romantic and not only that?

Let's offer wine instead of soda - men are like children - they won't think of it on their own. Carbonated water harms the male prostate.

We will have to regret it and, in the name of male potency, bring more garlic to the table. It's good for a lot of other things too, so it's best to eat it together.

The lean steaks that men love in winter also contribute to better potency.

Actually, the formula for male potency is very simple and repeats a wise and he althy lifestyle, which nowadays is a real luxury.

And this is: moderate sports, a calm life, strong food and a sexy woman.

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