Who are the participants in Playmate Of the Year 2019?

Who are the participants in Playmate Of the Year 2019?
Who are the participants in Playmate Of the Year 2019?

Participants in the Playmate Of The Year 2019 competition were presented at a lavish party in night-time Sofia. Twelve exquisite beauties are about to turn their lives around after they got on a big stage. The VIP guests of the boutique club, who watched the performance of the presentation of the candidates live, did not hide their admiration for the selection of the participants that the organizers of the competition, Hristo Sirakov, Lyuben Dilov-sin and Boris Galabov, made this year.

Playboy's selection of modern-day Cinderellas is astounding and surpasses all previous contests. The beauties are each hotter and more attractive. Among them are prominent athletes, supporters of significant social causes, an influencer, a singer, perhaps a future politician, as well as a young mother living abroad with enviable literary talents. The winner of the title will drive a brand new luxury car, as well as a check worth BGN 20,000. Who she will be will become clear on November 1, and until then there will be online voting.

Who are the temptresses? Among the candidates for the title of Playmate Of The Year 2019 is the aerobics instructor from Veliko Tarnovo - Veronika, who appears for the second time at the casting of the competition. After her failure last year, she became ambitious, trained hard and this year managed to beat the competition. In addition to this competition, the turncoat is said to compete with the famous Bilyana Yotovska in a bodybuilding competition in the fall. The athlete says that she is a social person and supports social causes, especially for women with eating disorders.

Twenty-year-old Violeta is studying pedagogy and is also committed to causes beneficial to society. Despite his tender age, he has been working on projects related to refugees for years. She accepts her body as art and is not ashamed of her nudity. Gabriela is candidate number 3 and a longtime resident of aristocratic Vienna.

Aspiring playmate loves books and has a serious imagination, with which she creates impressive erotic novels. In this year's contest, the girls are again betting on good education, and there is even a student at the branch of the University of Sheffield in the Balkans - this is the charming blonde Iva Klepova.

There is no shortage of artistic personalities such as Ivelina Ocedarova. The minion is only 157 cm, but she is very vocal. She has been involved in music since she was little, and singing is her greatest passion.

Serious sport has settled permanently in the ranks of the competition in the person of Liana Nikolova. The 19-year-old from Sofia has been playing volleyball for nearly ten years, and is now a journalism student. The perfect measures of the temptress are the reason why she is invited to some of the most important fashion forums in London, Milan and Dubai, where she will appear this fall.

Louisa from Pernik is also involved in sports – she is a former gymnast, avid fitness freak and works as a speaker at sporting events.

This year, the contest once again focuses on natural female bodies, but still allows itself a small exception. Well, a little, a little, about 510 kb… This is Militsa from Stara Zagora, who impresses with an enviable chest girth.

Two beautiful bearers of the angelic name Michaela are part of the ranks of the new Cinderellas.

Among the candidates is the newly graduated Natalie, who is already a PR student. But the pageant can give a lot of beauty and sex appeal to society, but it can also give to politics. If this statement turns out to be a fact, the credit goes to Yanita Gashina, a graduate of "Political Economy" at UNSS. The only playmate, she admitted that she understands politics and would indulge in this so… criticized profession.

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