Folk singer Roksana and Bilyana Yotovska enter "Change the woman" 2

Folk singer Roksana and Bilyana Yotovska enter "Change the woman" 2
Folk singer Roksana and Bilyana Yotovska enter "Change the woman" 2

Several star families will open their homes to viewers in the second season of the reality format "Swap the Wife", which starts on February 28 on bTV and will be broadcast every Wednesday at 9 pm. They will experiment by swapping their wives with complete strangers with radically different lifestyles for a week.

Folk singer Roxanne will leave her two beloved men - her husband Alexander and her 6-month-old son - to live in the home of a former mercenary in the French Legion. Roksana will replace her dynamic everyday life of constant travel between her homes in Lovech, Knezha and evening performances to experience the life of a housewife in Sofia, who, despite speaking five languages, abandons a career in Japan for her husband.

Reality star Nikita Johnson will also take part in the dramatic and hilarious wife swap in the new season of Wife Swap. Her challenge will be to replace urban life in Sweden for a week with everyday life typical of the Bulgarian village and from being the owner of a beauty studio to participating in the family farm business.

A lot of drama and emotions await the viewers in the episode of the social clash between the scandalous couple Angela and Chocho, who recently became famous for walking around as a dominant and a woman on a leash, and strongly believing evangelicals with two children.

Bikini-fitness champion Bilyana Yotovska will also be a hero in one of the 14 episodes of the new season of the exciting social experiment "Change the Woman". The rules are clear - two families will exchange wives and live in a completely different way for a week.

During the first days, the new wife must strictly follow the rules of the home and the rhythm of life of the woman she is exchanging with, and then she must impose her own rules in her new family.

The point of exchanging two extremes is to make the participants look at their family relationships from another angle, to find a new way to their closest people and to understand the point of view of others.

Casting for the new season is still open. All families who want to experience the emotion of positive change can do so by signing up for participation on the show's page on the TV's website.

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