10 ways to lose weight without exercise

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10 ways to lose weight without exercise
10 ways to lose weight without exercise

It is a well-known fact that training and regular exercise are an integral part of overall weight loss programs. Physical activity is indispensable in this difficult endeavor, because it accelerates the metabolism, and building muscle mass allows additional fat burning.

Exercise is also a natural invariable part of overall he alth. They not only speed up metabolism, but improve cardiovascular and respiratory function, reduce the risk of diabetes, help control cholesterol, strengthen bones and joints.

Still, many people find it difficult to be regular in training. They often lose motivation, do not find time in their hectic everyday life, do not manage to find the right type of training or sport for them, which demotivates them and makes them give up on exercise.

But then how to lose weight if you don't exercise? Is this possible? The short answer is yes. Here's what you can do to lose weight without working out.

1. Eat more vegetables at breakfast

To reduce your total calorie intake without having to do the tedious and stressful calorie counting, simply limit the fat and carbohydrates at breakfast and include more vegetables. They are low in calories and high in fiber, which ensures long-lasting satiety. Eliminate or reduce white bread, savory spreads (cream cheese, mayo, butter, margarine), reduce dairy or choose low-fat.

2. Reduce consumption of sauces

Sauces are one source of saturated fat and carbohydrates, especially ready-made ones that have plenty of added sugars. Many sauces contain cream, mayonnaise, olive oil, which are very caloric and very rich in fat. If you limit them, you will also reduce your overall caloric intake.

3. Don't miss a meal

To avoid starving, which is one of the reasons for overeating afterwards, just eat at least 3 times a day. Have breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you can also reduce the portions so you can include two more small snacks.

4. Watch what you eat

Even if you don't want to count calories and find it annoying and terribly stressful, you still have to do it in some form. Get to know the calorie values of different products and food groups. Be aware of how much of each group you consume during the day. There is no way to lose weight if you are not in a caloric deficit, and its calculation and evaluation is only possible if you know which food brings you how many calories.

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