10 ways to reduce your waist circumference by 5 centimeters

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10 ways to reduce your waist circumference by 5 centimeters
10 ways to reduce your waist circumference by 5 centimeters

One of the big dreams is a flat, beautifully shaped and tight stomach. A joy to the eye! But it is not so easy to achieve and limitations are necessary to fulfill this innermost desire of ours. And yet, it is not impossible, on the contrary. There are several easy ways to reduce your waist circumference by as much as 2 inches, just by making a few lifestyle changes. See how.

Get up early

This is perhaps unnecessary to mention, since most of you probably get up early, rush to work, drop the children off at kindergarten and school, but still, there are lucky women who have the opportunity to lounge on -long. Well, don't even if you can. Why? Because a sufficient amount of sleep has a wonderful effect on the metabolism, but excessive sleep is not so useful. According to some studies, people who like to sleep in more in the morning have a much greater opportunity to take in more calories (250) compared to those who get up early.

Eat more antioxidants

When you feel like eating something sweet, instead of satisfying the desire with a sweet or a high-calorie dessert, eat some blueberries, for example. They help maintain a slim waistline and are also rich in valuable antioxidants. They, in turn, help reduce inflammation in the body. A University of Michigan study showed that rats fed a blueberry diet had a significant reduction in abdominal fat compared to a control group. In addition to blueberries, you can eat strawberries, raspberries, blackberries with pleasure - they are all a source of antioxidants, are sweet and do not threaten your waistline.

Avoid hydrogenated fats

Trans fats in your menu are one of the biggest risks for a beautiful figure. Be careful with product labels and if you read that it has partially hydrogenated fat, then you are consuming trans fat. This can increase the risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity. Avoid foods with similar fats. These include margarine, fast food fries, ready-made pies and snacks, chips, salads, corn sticks, chocolate that says it contains "vegetable fat", vegetable cream, microwave popcorn, and more.

Stop adding sweeteners to drinks and food

Many people turn to artificial sweeteners in an attempt to reduce their waistline, but in fact, these fake sugars actually have the opposite effect. According to Yale researchers, artificial sweeteners are linked to an increased risk of abdominal obesity and weight gain. One likely reason is that they create cravings for real sugary products.

Consume more fiber

The secret to a flat stomach in no time? Lots of fiber in your daily menu. Although many people do not want to add carbohydrates to their diet when trying to lose weight, adding the right ones, in this case fiber, can help reduce the waistline. A study conducted by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center shows that every 10 grams of daily fiber intake results in a 3.7 percent reduction in dangerous visceral fat.

Don't forget to take vitamin D

Along with dietary restrictions, include vitamin D intake or use part of your lunch break by spending 15 minutes in the sun. That's all it takes to get enough vitamin D safely. Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center found that women who were deficient in the "sunshine vitamin" but increased their intake began to lose weight and shed more body fat compared to a control group.

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