Santa enters the bathroom

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Santa enters the bathroom
Santa enters the bathroom

Bring Christmas and New Year spirit into every room of your home. Many women set the date December 1 to start decorating their houses.

Santa enters the bathroom

Simple and easy - cup with Christmas motifs in which you will put the toothbrushes. Also hang a towel with Christmas colors or pictures. Hang a Christmas toy next to the mirror or frame the mirror with a garland.

Santa Claus reigns in the living room

Free a shelf from the library and arrange a Christmas candle, a toy, a card. And if you throw a Christmas tablecloth on the table and drink coffee in a Christmas cup in the morning, you will smell like Christmas.

Santa is present in the kitchen

It's easy - with Christmas handles and a kitchen apron, you'll be cooking in a high Christmas mood.

Santa Claus occupies the office

Replace your painfully familiar organizer with a cup with Christmas motifs, in which you can arrange pens and pencils. Drink coffee and tea in a Christmas mug.

Wherever you are in your home, the festive Christmas spirit will keep you company everywhere.

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