A few more minutes of cheerfulness - how?

A few more minutes of cheerfulness - how?
A few more minutes of cheerfulness - how?

Everyone has had a day when they feel down, depressed, sleepy, with dulled senses. If this happens on Saturday or Sunday - fine, but in the middle of the working week and with a bunch of unfinished tasks on the head, the situation becomes fraught. We need to quickly wake up and concentrate. Here are some tried and tested recipes.

Go for a short walk

If there is a park near your office, definitely go there and walk briskly in the fresh air. Thus, blood circulation will improve and you will feel a rush of energy in your body. Find a less busy alley and do some exercises, breathing deeply and rhythmically. All this will refresh you and enable you to complete your tasks.

Close your eyes for 5 minutes

Sometimes straining and overstraining the eyes leads to dizziness and general fatigue. Many professions today require long hours of staring at a computer screen. It is clear that the eyes need a rest. Either close them for a few minutes and relax, or just shift your gaze – look out the window. A good exercise is to make circular movements with your eyes while keeping them closed.

Splash yourself with cold water

Keep the inside of your wrists under the cold water. This has a cooling and invigorating effect on the whole body. Then splash your face. The water will also "wash" the sleep from your eyes and will wake you up very effectively.

Listen to music

Put on your headphones and play your favorite fast track. Immerse yourself in the music and you will feel your heart beat faster, your brain work faster and energy start to return to your body.


Did you know that people who laugh more live longer? Read a funny feature, comic or joke. Play a funny video. Laughter stimulates the brain and thus you will wake up, and in a good mood a person works faster and his work is easy.

Tickle your palate

Now you will really have fun. It might sound strange to someone, but it doesn't hurt to try. Use the tip of your tongue to tickle your palate. That part of it that is behind the teeth is very sensitive and you will feel the nerves being refreshed by this action.

Take a short nap

If the nap is really only twenty minutes long - it is possible. Take this nap only if you're sure it won't be longer than 20-30 minutes. When you wake up, you will truly be like a new person.

We all know how important a regular and deep night's sleep is for our nervous system and for our good physical shape. We need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night to feel rested and enjoy a nice, puffy face - without bags and dark circles. This will enable us to work calmly and efficiently.

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