Discard day

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Discard day
Discard day

We are not talking about Friday the 13th of the month or your triple critical day according to astrology, but a very ordinary and prosaic day of cleaning-tidying.

We have become so attached to the things in our home that we don't notice how they gradually take over us and aggressively occupy not only our outer but also our inner space. This makes us literally and figuratively cramped, stuffy and uncomfortable. The moment we realize this, we must use to start the campaign "Throw away, clean up, tidy up without regrets". Act immediately, because moods, as we know, are fleeting. However, watch for the mood in question to come to you on Saturday, Sunday or other holidays so that there is time to run wild.

At the end of the disposal day, your home will look like something from a magazine - as if both someone lives and no one lives - no cooking, no eating, no boiling soup, no washing, no ironing, no reading books and no watching TV. Did you know that according to feng shui, accumulating unnecessary and unnecessary things in your home creates negative energy, which can be the cause of your bad mood, your bad sleep, the bad condition of your skin and hair, the bad flow of your thoughts, in short - worsen your physical and mental he alth. So - grab the bags for separate garbage collection and start throwing away. In case you are afraid that you might need something years from now – store it in the attic or basement. However, if it stays there for n-number of years without you thinking about it, then with a clear conscience throw it in the bin.

Here is a sample scheme

1. Children's toys and memorabilia from your or your child's recent past. /this includes porcelain figurines, small candles, small stuffed toys, photo frames without photos, etc./ Keep a few that have the most sentimental value though.

2. Old magazines that you have been collecting with the hope of revisiting /for embroidery, cooking recipes, furnishing, fashion/, old textbooks from your school and university years, old books from your parents', grandmother's and grandfather - you can donate the more valuable ones to the neighborhood, school library or send by post to a village library.

3. Old movies on video, audio cassettes and CDs that you will hardly have time to watch again.

4. Old clothes - although fashion repeats itself every few years, even if they are not worn, but carefully tucked away in envelopes, clothes age with time - colors fade, jersey thins, elastics break. Keep only your most favorite clothes, with a classic cut. Bags also go out of style quickly – keep one or two winter ones and as many summer ones.

5. Old kitchenware that you inherited from mom or grandma that is scratched or the plastic is old.

6. Old towels, kitchen aprons and potholders. You need no more than 2-3 sets to change.

7. Old spices, macaroni, spaghetti, beans and other food products with a questionable expiration date.

8. Electronic cleaning - don't forget to clean your pet computer too. Transfer photo collections to CD/DVD, backup important files to discs, and unnecessary files to the trash.

If you've cleared 80% of the junk, heroically battling emotional and nostalgic memories, consider "Throw Away Day" a success. And don't regret what you've done at all, because new holidays are coming, on which you will be presented with new things, and besides, with a few shopping therapies you will quickly restore partially discarded things.

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