Which soft drinks help us lose weight?

Which soft drinks help us lose weight?
Which soft drinks help us lose weight?

The hotter, the more liquid our menu should be. Especially if we also want to lose weight. But you will say that from time to time we want to drink something other than cold water.

What should we choose when we go out with girlfriends?

It's still easier to not eat anything and drink weird things with girlfriends than with a man. The man will always think that you are very crazy if you always stick to vegan cuisine, to some very special and more sophisticated restaurant or instead of beer you take him to a shake bar and pour with coconut milk or fruit juices. So don't count on the men to understand you, but I guess the girlfriends won't mind having a drink with you each:

low-calorie fresh milk - some argue that fresh milk is not good for older women, but so far I haven't heard enough meaningful arguments. So it is grown women who should think about how to get more calcium and resist the weather, strengthening their bones. Skimmed fresh milk is believed to help fat cells melt faster and even if it's bad for 100 other things, at least it's good for weight loss.

green tea – As much as fresh milk is controversial for the he alth of grown women, there is no such controversy for green tea. Everyone admits that it is useful, but it must be of good quality.

freshly squeezed fruit juices – and no one can deny that they are useful. However, if over time you have acquired one of its other chronic diseases, stomach problems and others, you should check whether any of the fruits, such as strawberries or oranges, do not harm you.

freshly squeezed vegetable juices – we usually forget them, but they are also very useful. Freshly squeezed juice from carrots, celery, parsley, beets - fantasy… You just need to have a suitable juicer and of course fresh vegetables.

homemade lemonade – this is a classic for the heat.

homemade elderberry juice - when I was little, this was the only drink at home. Apparently, it's time to live in the role of a good mother and renew the tradition of making homemade elderberry juice. Anyone who has tried it knows it's great. Well, until then, I'll only drink water, but it's also nice for our children to have sweet memories from their childhood, such as homemade lemonade in the shade under the vine.

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