What foods should we not have dinner with?

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What foods should we not have dinner with?
What foods should we not have dinner with?

What are you having for dinner? We add more spices to our favorite dishes, a glass of wine or brandy keeps them company, and there is always room for dessert. And how do you sleep? OK, you will answer. Is it? We eat some foods that are important not to eat in the evening, and why, see in the following lines.

Fried Foods

After the end of the working day, an evening meeting with friends, it is very easy to be tempted to eat your favorite fried chicken with fries. Unfortunately, fatty foods move much more slowly through the digestive system than proteins and carbohydrates. When we sleep, our body restores many of its systems. But a dinner that includes stir-fry gets your digestive system working while you rest. In addition, fatty and heavy foods can disturb our good sleep.

Hot sauces, spicy foods

There are several reasons to avoid spicy foods at dinner. The first is that they increase appetite. The second is that they can irritate the stomach and cause heartburn, which will disturb your sleep. Sometimes the heat causes the body to release histamine, which can keep us awake and alert (for example, antihistamines make us sleepy).


Turkey, chicken, meat… What's better than eating your favorite steak for dinner? Not for your body and the sleep process. Eating meat for dinner is not recommended because the brain starts releasing more dopamine, which gives us energy. Also, meat takes longer to digest, which means that during sleep, the digestive system will not recover, but will be actively working to process proteins.


A glass or two of wine with dinner, to relax…Extremely misleading, because then your liver will have to work overtime during sleep, the quality of your sleep will be disturbed, the heart will also be strained.

Chocolate, ice cream, coffee desserts

It is tempting to watch your favorite movie in the evening and eat chocolate, ice cream with coffee or tiramisu. But remember that the cocoa in the chocolate also contains caffeine, which can disturb your restful sleep.

Protein powders, protein bars

Sports shakes and snacks often contain caffeine and other stimulants that provide energy during sports. Try to avoid them after evening workouts or consume ones that have a restorative effect but won't disturb your restful sleep.

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