Biographical book about Zelensky - for the first time in Bulgarian

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Biographical book about Zelensky - for the first time in Bulgarian
Biographical book about Zelensky - for the first time in Bulgarian

Zelensky's biography. From Servant to President of the People" by the authoritative French journalists and experts on Ukraine Regi Jeante and Stéphane Sioane is one of the first biographical books in the world dedicated to the Ukrainian head of state, and the first to be published in Bulgarian. It traces Zelensky's path from comedy appearances through success in television and his work with pro-Russian oligarchs to his emancipation and becoming the face of Ukraine. The edition will appear on the home market on July 1st with the edition logo. "Circle" - the translation is by Gergana Sokolova, and the cover is by Natalia Chaikina.

The biography was written after the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and was published in French in May 2022, and the rights to publish it have already been sold in more than 20 countries. Bulgaria is one of the first countries where the book is published.

The publication sheds light on the difficult relations between Ukraine and Russia, which are not subject to one-layer commentary or analysis. Instead of praising the image of the Ukrainian president, ignoring questionable moments of his personal history and career path, Jeante and Sioane choose to tell about all of them. They trace the development of Volodymyr Zelensky from an actor known for his role as the president in the TV series "Servant of the People" and a businessman on good terms with the representatives of the pro-Russian wave in the country, who prefers to speak in Russian, to a head of state gradually consolidating the position about the importance of their Ukrainian identity. From a man who sees war as something foreign that he wants to avoid at all costs, to a general who chooses not to obey fear but to protect his people.

"Biography of Zelensky. From a servant to the president of the people" suggests why, instead of turning out to be another populist on the political scene, Zelensky is becoming a real state leader. The publication also gives voice to problematic topics such as the nationalist line in Ukrainian politics, which, although actively used by the propaganda machine, remains with a peripheral role.

For Bulgarian readers, the book can also be very interesting with the parallels it provokes between the Ukrainian and Bulgarian reality before the war and the problems society is facing.

The text also places the war in Ukraine in the context of Russia's behavior in other armed conflicts in the region. The authors of the book also answer the question of what was the role of the Maidan in awakening pro-European and anti-Russian sentiments among the Ukrainian population. They are trying to answer another important question: could the invasion of Ukraine have been prevented and what was the cost?

"Biography of Zelensky" is for anyone who wants to better understand the processes taking place in Ukraine today, the reasons for reaching the current situation and what is Volodymyr Zelensky's role in it.

About the authors:

Regi Jeante is an independent journalist who has lived in Georgia for more than 20 years and mainly covers the countries of the former Soviet Union. He has documented all significant events in recent Ukrainian history: the Orange Revolution in 2004, the conflict in Donbass, the Russian invasion in 2022, etc. He is a correspondent for some of the major French media, including: RFI, France 24 and Le Figaro.

Stefan Sioane is a journalist and documentary film producer. He has been living in Ukraine since 2013, from where he has covered the 2013 Maidan uprising, the 2014 Russian annexation of Crimea and the subsequent war in Donbas for various media outlets. In 2019, he witnessed the election of Zelensky as president and conducted numerous interviews with him. He is currently a correspondent in Kyiv for Liberation and RFI.

Jante and Sioane publish one of the first biographies of Volodymyr Zelensky in the world. "Zelensky's biography. From Servant to People's President' was written against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine, and many of the questions it poses are yet to be answered and developed.

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