Arabel's favorite songs

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Arabel's favorite songs
Arabel's favorite songs

Arabel Karayan was born on 02.01.1964 in Samedan, Switzerland. She is the daughter of the conductor Herbert von Karajan. Arabel grew up in the creative atmosphere of her family, surrounded by a lot of music.

In 1986, he graduated from Parson's School of Design in New York with a BA in Photography.

In 1987, he entered Berklee College of Music - Boston, USA, where he met Georgi Donchev and Rosen Zahariev. The three spontaneously begin to improvise and discover a different approach to musical interpretation.

He later lived in London, where he continued to play music.

In 1997, Arabel visited Bulgaria and met Stoyan Yankulov, Veselin Veselinov, Rumen Toskov and Ivan Lechev. During a spontaneous recording session, the idea of creating the band "Please Shut Up Band" appeared.

She has been making music in Bulgaria for eight years.

What profession did you dream of as a child?

About what I'm doing right now. I dreamed of singing and playing the piano and all kinds of percussion instruments. I was also interested in photography.

What are your professional ambitions now?

I would like to continue recording with the band "Please Shut Up Band" as before. Free in music making and improvisation. I wish all the musicians in the band to keep this strong bond between each other and our friendships. I also want to present our music and our new album "Kalinachi" periodically at festivals around the world - in Austria, London, and why not on the moon.

Are there times when professionally it is difficult for you as a woman? Or do you feel discriminated against or facilitated by your gender?

I personally have never felt discriminated against, on the contrary. But traveling the world I notice this discrimination and also there is no balance in relationships. I don't like this sexual mutilation that is seen in Africa that is forced on little girls.

If you take stock of your journey, what would you point to as your greatest success?

The birth of our daughter Kalina! I am glad to have met Rosen Zahariev, Kalina's father. Kalina for me is the greatest gift that life has given me. I am also proud of the result we achieved in the creation of our album "Kalinachi".

What do you spend more time on - your family or your profession?

I think I manage to find the balance between work and family. I often tell Kalina about our music, and I feel that even though she is small, she understands me very well.

What would you like to teach your children?

First I want to teach them to be grateful for the things they get from nature, from God.

What message would you send to Bulgarian women?

To have more male friends, not just female friends!

Favorite color? A song? Taste? Place?

Color: Cyclamen

Song: I'm glad I don't have a favorite song because the palette of sounds, tunes and songs for me is constantly changing.

Taste: S alty, I love shop salad.

Place: Vitosha.

Favorite recipe? Something you enjoy cooking for your family and friends?

Chicken stuffed with fruits and vegetables:

I take a chicken and stuff it with carrots, potatoes, apples, zucchini, pears, prunes, add orange and lemon juice and if there are nuts. I put part of the stuffing inside the chicken and the other around it. Pour a little beer over the chicken and bake for about 45 min.

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