Crazy hunger for certain foods during pregnancy - what does it mean?

Crazy hunger for certain foods during pregnancy - what does it mean?
Crazy hunger for certain foods during pregnancy - what does it mean?

During pregnancy, the mother's body changes. The biochemistry in a pregnant woman's body changes, the hormonal balance is different, and all this happens because of the body's desire to provide everything necessary for the growing fetus in the mother's belly.

The desire for certain foods is characteristic of many pregnant women. You might like something you've never eaten before or something you didn't even like. However, some pregnant women experience ravenous food cravings for certain reasons. Here's what they can be:

Hunger for s alty and fermented foods


S alty, sour and fermented foods are very high in sodium. If your body is deficient in sodium, your brain will give you an inexplicable command to reach for these foods to make up for that deficiency.

If you suddenly crave pickles or s alty fries, don't be surprised - your body needs more s alt.

Ice cream

Taste receptors on the tongue become very sensitive during pregnancy. That's why every taste that pops into your mind will be felt many times more intensely than before.

If you're really craving ice cream, it's probably not just because you're indulging and like to snack on it, but because as a dairy product, ice cream contains high levels of calcium. It's light, tasty, sweet, loved, and that's why it's the first thing that pops into your mind when your body subconsciously whispers about the need for calcium.



Pregnancy is an exhausting period for the mother. All the body's energy is used to provide the baby with what it needs.

Chocolate is a high-energy product with a large amount of carbohydrates that can quickly restore your strength and mood. It also provokes endorphins, which further stimulate the feeling of efficiency and vitality.


Changes in taste buds during pregnancy, as well as changes in the sense of smell, make pregnant women crave sweet and sour and juicy fruits such as citrus.

Red meat

If you're craving red meat, it's most likely because you're deficient in iron, and red meat is one of the best suppliers of this mineral.

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