Pasta snacks - we criticize them, but we eat them

Pasta snacks - we criticize them, but we eat them
Pasta snacks - we criticize them, but we eat them

Which is the fastest of the quick snacks – a patty with boza from a nearby pastry shop or a bun with ayran from there. We resort to it when:

- we overslept for work and only have time to wash our eyes and get dressed in two or three;

- the fridge at home is empty because we haven't had time to shop;

- the nostalgia of childhood caught us with the smell of freshly baked pie and grandma's fragrant buns.

Although we are modern people, properly informed about the damage to our he alth and figure from the frequent consumption of pasta snacks, at least two or three times a week we eat a pie, donut, muffin, sweetie, etc.n. If not for breakfast, then for lunch - there is no faster and more satisfying meal during the short lunch break. And last but not least – cheap.

Prices in different neighborhoods of Sofia are within close limits: cheese cake - BGN 1.00, haidushka mincemeat pie - BGN 1.00, cheese pie - BGN 0.90, pie with leek and cheese - BGN 1.00, roll with olives - BGN 1.00, Rhodope skewer - BGN 1.40, krenvirshka - BGN 1.00, bun with different filling - BGN 0.80, mekita - BGN 0.25, pie and donut - BGN 0.80. If we add a small boza - BGN 0.50 or ayran for BGN 0.80, the bill comes out to an average of BGN 1.50 - 2.00 for breakfast or lunch. Well, if it's a man - count two.

The popularity of pasta snacks lies not only in the price, but also in their great variety While twenty years ago there were three types of buns, donuts, pies and patties, now manufacturers have come up with a dozen more recipes. Hot dog buns, mincemeat patty and round cheese with a poached egg on top are available.And if they are offered, then there is a demand. As soon as there's a demand, pastry shops flourish and they won't soon outgrow it. And people will get fat and sick.

However, I dream that the dietary pastry shop of the XXI century will soon be born. It should offer pasta snacks made from whole grain, rye and corn flour; with oil and olive oil instead of margarine; with fruit and brown sugar filling; with vegetables for lunch, all sprinkled with sesame seeds and nuts. I don't know how much the prices of the offered he althy pies and buns can be raised (perhaps with a levche), but I think this will be a good alternative - both a quick breakfast and good for he alth and figure.

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