4 habits that prevent weight loss

4 habits that prevent weight loss
4 habits that prevent weight loss

Imagine a fluffy muffin with your favorite flavors… You want it to be a good company with a cup of aromatic coffee or warm milk. When we follow a diet it is difficult to resist our favorite desserts. According to some experts, sometimes we can make a slight escape from the regime by eating small amounts of dessert.

When is the right time to eat your favorite muffin? According to scientists, these are the morning hours when eating it will add fewer centimeters to our waistline than if we eat it later in the day.

See 4 daily habits that prevent weight loss.

Your breakfast is not nutritious

The time we eat is much more important than what we eat.Scientists from Tel Aviv University have reached this conclusion. According to their studies, a diet where breakfast is nutritious and dinner is light is much more effective when it comes to weight maintenance, as opposed to a diet based on frequent and light snacks.

And this is because the metabolic rate is different at different times of the day. The main conclusion that scientists have reached is that you should never give up eating a nutritious breakfast. Your lunch should be filling, dinner should be light. Of course, a nutritious breakfast does not mean pasta snacks, sweets and harmful carbohydrates.

Not getting enough sunlight

If you want to lose weight, spend enough time under the sun's rays. Researchers from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, conducted an experiment that proved that lipids (fats in the blood) decrease in size when exposed to sunlight.

This discovery partially explains why people gain weight in the winter when there is a lack of sunlight.

You don't drink water with lemon before breakfast, but after it

An adult's body consists of 55% to 60% water. Starting the day with a glass of water helps speed up the metabolism, which reduces the risk of fat accumulation. A glass of water with fresh lemon juice in it is a great start to the day, refreshing, hydrating and helping to eliminate toxins in the body. However, it is important to take the drink on an empty stomach, before breakfast and coffee.

Workout before or after work?

Aside from the obvious benefits of burning calories and increasing your metabolic rate, morning exercise can help curb your appetite. Scientists believe that exercising on an empty stomach is 20% more effective in terms of weight loss than exercising during the day when we have eaten.

Of course, if your opportunity to do sports is only in the evening hours, then about an hour before training it is good not to consume food.

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