Motivating thoughts by Jasmina Gevezieva

Motivating thoughts by Jasmina Gevezieva
Motivating thoughts by Jasmina Gevezieva

Жасмина Гевезиева is the creator of the first online platform Binge OFF, helping people who cannot cope with systemic overeating. The condition is also called hyperphagia.

"Our mission is to change the lives of these very people, ending binge eating episodes forever."

Jassy herself has struggled with these episodes of overeating for many years. And it succeeds! And to this day, she continues to inspire and motivate us to love our body and take care of it in the best possible way. Nas also managed to inspire us, so we didn't hesitate to share some of her motivational thoughts with you.

"Be he althy so that you can be of any use to others."

“Hyperphagia (a condition of emotional-based, systemic and compulsive overeating) is not drooling, but a complex problem that needs to be mastered as quickly as possible. And yes, one can get better.”

“It has been proven that an ingrained habit cannot be erased or forgotten, the brain remembers. But it can certainly be suppressed enough and new, sustainable and he althy habits can be built.”

“Excuses don't get results. Actions do.”


“I only started weight training two years ago with a remedial goal – to fix my lower back. L5-S1 disc herniation, with a total ban by three doctors from lifting heavy for the rest of my life. It stopped hurting after two weeks of training, after a month and a half of constant pain before and painkillers.”

"Be in the company of the best, learn from the best and that's how you will grow - consciously or not."

“I prefer setting high goals. To try and fail. With the difference that there is no fail option. Because whatever the outcome, the journey will have built me stronger, more confident and more capable."


“One day we are stuck in the middle of nowhere in the mud. The next time - we drink at the top."

“Bodybuilding. It is not a presentation of ego, stage and lights. The goal is not to show off in underwear/panties and snap half-naked. It's a matter of discipline, persistence, dedication, self-control. It's a matter of putting yourself outside of your comfort zone and beating yourself up. Repeatedly. You test your limits, you test what you are capable of. It's a sport that requires an awful lot of sacrifice. A sport worthy of respect.”

“Purpose: to test several principles powerfully combined in one place to end overeating cravings and options. Deepest level: building new perceptions of self. From a person who perceives himself as forever chubby, cheeky and gluttonous to an athletic and he althy babe. Identity change following changed goals and routine/habits. Attempt: successful.”

“The moment before the start. Then you feel the butterflies in your stomach. The tension. You know that everything depends only on yourself. Those uncomfortable moments are actually what build character.”

“The Goldilocks principle - a person is at the highest level of motivation when he can overcome a challenge, but he has to really "push". Setting a sporting precedent. 2 races, 2 different disciplines, 2 preparations, 2 weeks apart. Attempt: successful.”

“Seinfeld strategy: never break the chain more than twice. i.e. repetition of a given habit on a daily basis. Fail: roll back to track the next day. Attempt: successful.”

“I've never been afraid to go in the deep end. On the contrary, it motivates me. Let it be hard. Let there be a challenge. Let me step outside my comfort zone. Let it GROW.“

"Do you know that the best pleasures wait?"

“I have a very crazy daily life - overloaded with too many projects, meetings, deadlines and new opportunities popping up everywhere. It's not 9 to 5. I'm into jazz non-stop. Therefore, inner center and balance, habits, a good system and plan keep me going headlong forward. I enter the hall, disconnect from the network and center myself. A matter of priorities. I recharge and continue forward with renewed strength. I have a mission. It has to be worked hard on it.”

“And sometimes I just sit. And I'm happy.”

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