Holiday month of December at Sofia Theater

Holiday month of December at Sofia Theater
Holiday month of December at Sofia Theater

December – the most festive month of the year – is upon us. In order to divert attention at least for a little while from the pandemic, masks and green certificates, which are an invariable part of people's daily lives, Theater "Sofia" decided to dedicate these last days of the calendar to the emotions, excitement and gifts that suggest that Christmas is coming.

A Christmas tree will shine on the facade of the building, and after each performance in December there will be a raffle and one winner will be drawn, who will receive a bag of gifts of a different nature - something for the soul, something sweet, something beautiful, something useful and something educational.

After the last performance for 2021 - "Mrs. Minister" on December 22, in addition to the traditional gift bag, another cake and a card with 4 tickets to the Sofia Theater for productions, dates and places will be given away choice.

The holiday month begins on December 1 with two American comedies - Old Saybrook and The Last Passionate Lover. His program also includes a number of interesting titles - the premiere "The Flowers" and the favorites "The Night of January 16", "Tiramisu", "We will not pay! We won't pay!', 'The dinner', 'The auditor', 'The box'.

On December 19, actors and viewers will celebrate together the 50th performance of "The Lewd" with Irinei Konstantinov and Lilia Maravilya in the lead roles, and one of the attendees will again receive a card with 4 free tickets.

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