Nutrition for pregnant vegans

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Nutrition for pregnant vegans
Nutrition for pregnant vegans

Many people have recently ceased meat consumption. Vegetarianism is not a recent practice. It has existed for centuries, it's just that in our latitudes it was not that common before, as it were, and in our culture eating meat is embedded.

But quite a few people give up meat for he alth reasons, moral convictions or simply because it's trendy.

An even newer and improved version of vegetarianismveganism, excludes all animal products. This could become a he alth problem if you are pregnant.

Vegans deny the harm and dangers of their eating habits because they accept protein and fat from alternative food products. But there are potential risks.

What nutrients can you be missing if you are vegan and pregnant?

If you are vegetarian or vegan and carrying a child in your womb, you will probably need alternative sources of nutrients. Calcium and vitamin B12 levels can be potentially low on a diet that excludes animal products.

So if you are a pregnant vegan follower, you should consider emphasizing foods rich in calcium and vitamin B12.

The best sources of calcium in nature, other than animal products, are coconut milk, green vegetables, almonds and sesame seeds. You can get vitamin B12 from legumes, seaweed, tofu.

If your doctor decides, you may also need to take dietary supplements with calcium and vitamin B12.

Sample daily meal plan for pregnant vegans:

  • Breakfast – whole wheat bread with almond butter and a glass of orange juice.
  • Lunch – lentil soup, boiled wheat, apple.
  • Dinner – tofu with broccoli, red pepper, white rice.
  • Snacks – banana, oatmeal, soy milk shake, whole grain toast, fruit.


During breastfeeding, the baby continues to need a wide variety of nutrients and must receive them from the mother. Therefore, the presence of vitamin B12, calcium and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids should be carefully monitored. They are extremely important for the development of the baby.

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