The program of the "Sofia" Theater for November 2019

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The program of the "Sofia" Theater for November 2019
The program of the "Sofia" Theater for November 2019

On the occasion of the Night of Theaters on November 16, 2019, Sofia Theater has prepared a special program:

On November 15 at 6 p.m., the opening of the exhibition of stage posters by Radoslava Boor - THE POSTER: JOY&GLORY The guests of the event will have the opportunity to meet the author - Radoslava Boor. They will see 30 posters selected from Radoslava Boor's work over the past 13 years. The exhibition includes posters for various Bulgarian theaters and Sofia Opera and Ballet. The collection is impressive and revealing in many ways. The exhibition brings the completeness typical of the poster, combined with the delicate and sophisticated individual style of the author.

Every child in the audience of "Peter Pan" on 11.16. will receive a gift - a book "I'll tell you a fairy tale", compiled from the fairy tales of the winners of the National Children's Fairy Tale Competition 2019.

Part of the audience of "Executioners" on 11.16. they will have the opportunity after the end of the performance to go on stage and see up close exactly how the hanging of Hennessy happens In addition to learning interesting things about the stage mechanization and what is under the stage - they will be able to stand in the place of the executioner Harry Wade (Deyan Donkov) and at least for a while they feel like him. The 20 viewers who will receive this opportunity will be selected at random. Upon entering the hall, anyone who wishes to participate will draw a number. Immediately after the performance, the 20 lucky winners will be drawn and invited to go on stage to experience something they will never forget.

From 3 p.m.on 16.11. in the lobby of the "Sofia" Theater, a competition "Who knows the most about the theater?" will be held. Knowledge will measure teams made up of actors and directors. In three rounds (world theatre, Bulgarian theater and Sofia Theatre), the teams will answer questions related to notable authors, directors, actors and performances that have left a lasting mark on the history of world and Bulgarian theatre. Besides being fun, the event will also be very educational. The audience will also have the opportunity to answer questions and win prizes (such as the book dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Sofia Theater, theater tickets, books and other pleasant surprises). Prizes and incentives are also planned for the competing actors and directors, which will remain a surprise until the end for both them and the guests of the event.

On November 24, the play "Invitation to Dinner" by Olya Stoyanova, directed by Teya Sugareva, returns to the billboard of Theater "Sofia". The lineup has been renewed and includes the actors Ivaylo Geraskov, Daria Simeonova, Vladimir Mateev, Plamen Manasiev, Martin Dimitrov.

November 30 will mark the 50th performance of "PIPI" by Astrid Lindgren, adaptation and direction by Christiana Boyadjieva. After the end of the performance, the team and the audience will be treated to a cake on the occasion of the holiday.

On November 4 (Monday) the big stage of the Sofia Theater will be visited by DKT "Vasil Drumev" - Shumen with the performance "CRISIS CENTER" by Mihail Kazakov, directed by Saby Sabev. Actors Silvia Petkova, Nikolay Stanoev, Ivo Yonchev, Yulian Rachkov, Ivaylo Zahariev are participating.

On November 9 (Saturday), KLAS 5x5 is a guest on the chamber stage with the performance "THE COLLECTOR" based on the novel by John Fowles, stage version Aneta Ivanova and Rumen Mihailov, starring Aneta Ivanova, Rumen Mihailov.



ticket office – 02 / 944 24 85

MF – marble foyer D- great hall K- chamber hall


after Hermann Koch

dramatization and direction Plamen Markov, scenography and costumes Mira Kalanova, composer Kalin Nikolov, video Dimitar Sarjev

Participating: Daria Simeonova, Ivaylo Geraskov, Lilia Maravilya, Mihail Milchev, Plamen Manasiev, Bistra Okereke and the students from NATFIZ "Kr. Sarafov" Boyan Furtsov, Clementina Furtsova, Melin Erdinch, Nedyalko Stefanov, Siyana Nacheva, Teona Dimova, Yana Peneva


by Nina Raine

translation Matei Todorov, director Nedyalko Delchev, scenography and costumes Boris Dalchev, composer Kaloyan Dimitrov

Participating: Martin Gyaurov, Neda Spasova, Rosen Belov, Silvia Petkova, Martin Dimitrov, Irina Miteva, Nevena Kaludova


by EE Schmidt

translation Snezhina Rusinova-Zdravkova, director Stoyan Radev, scenography Nikola Toromanov, costumes Elis Veli, composer Viktor Stoyanov

Participating: Irinei Konstantinov, Lilia Maravilya, Petya Silyanova, Simona Halacheva, Sofia Marinkova, Stefan Kondrov


by Dimitar Dinev

translation Gergana Farkova, director Katya Petrova, scenography and costumes Petya Karadjova and Boris Dalchev, composer Hristo Yotsov, choreographer Anna Pampulova

Participating: Irina Miteva, Mila Bancheva, Mikhail Milchev, Nevena Kaludova, Nikolay Dimitrov, Plamen Manasiev, Rosen Belov, Yuli Malinov, Yulian Rachkov and the musicians Venislav Budinov and Stanislav Moinov


by Martin McDonagh

translation Zlatna Kostova, director Stoyan Radev, scenography Venelin Shurelov, costumes Elitsa Georgieva, composer and live performance Damyan Mihailov

Participating: Tsvetan Apostolov, Deyan Donkov, Mikhail Milchev, Nikolai Antonov, Plamen Manasiev, Lilia Maravilya, Yuli Malinov, Sava Piperov, Nikolai Dimitrov, Yulian Rachkov, Vladimir Mateev, Martina Troanska, Irinei Konstantinov


by Stefan Vogel

translation Vladko Murdarov, director Mariy Rosen, scenographer Petya Boyukova, composer Konstantin Tymoshenko

Participating: Lilia Maravilya, Stefania Koleva, Irinei Konstantinov, Plamen Manasiev


by N. V. Gogol

translation Hristo Radevski, director Elena Panayotova, scenography and costumes Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova, composer Hristo Namliev, choreographer Rosen Mihailov

Participating: Lora Mutisheva, Mikhail Milchev, Nevena Kaludova, Nikolay Varbanov, Nikolay Dimitrov, Rosen Belov, Sofia Marinkova, Simona Halacheva, Yulian Rachkov, Yuli Malinov


by Leo Tolstoy, dramatization by Nikolai Polyakov

director Nikolai Polyakov, scenography and costumes Marina Raichinova, original music and performance Hristo Yotsov with the participation of Beloslava – vocal and Mikhail Yosifov – flugelhorn, choreographer Anna Pampulova, assistant director Yulian Malinov, video Dimitar Sarzhev

Participating: Sofia Marinkova, Yuli Malinov, Milena Zhivkova, Martin Gyaurov, Julian Rachkov, Mila Bancheva/ Yoanna Temelkova, Martin Dimitrov, Simona Halacheva, Yordanka Lyubenova, Mikhail Milchev, Irinei Konstantinov, Laura Mutisheva


by Ayn Rand

translation Zlatna Kostova, director Plamen Markov, scenography and costumes Mira Kalanova, composer Kalin Nikolov

Participating: Nikolay Antonov, Yulian Rachkov, Nikolay Varbanov, Mila Bancheva, Lora Mutisheva, Silvia Petkova, Lilia Maravilya, Daria Simeonova, Mikhail Milchev, Rosen Belov, Plamen Manasiev, Petya Silyanova, Simona Halacheva, Ivaylo Geraskov, Yuli Malinov, Martin Dimitrov


OLD SAYBROOK - author Woody Allen, translated by Matej Todorov; THE LAST PASSIONATE LOVER - author Neil Simon, translation Milena Sotirova

director Nikolay Polyakov, scenography and costumes Yuliana Voikova-Naiman, choreographer Iva Karamancheva, video Ognyan Kostovski

Participating: Nikolay Dimitrov, Lora Mutisheva, Silvia Petkova/ Mila Bancheva, Plamen Manasiev, Martin Gyaurov, Simona Halacheva, Nikolay Antonov and Yulian Rachkov, Milena Zhivkova, Daria Simeonova/ Yoanna Temelkova, Lilia Maravilya


by Branislav Nusic

translation Katya Yordanova, director Nedyalko Delchev, scenography and costumes Petar Mitev, music Kaloyan Dimitrov, video Dimitar Sarjev, cinematographer Veselin Hristov, Kiril Prodanov

Participating: Lilia Maravilya, Daria Simeonova/ Lora Mutisheva, Rumen Troev, Yulian Rachkov, Nikolay Varbanov, Simona Halacheva, Rosen Belov, Martin Dimitrov, Yuli Malinov, Petya Silyanova, Nevena Kaludova, Yordanka Lyubenova, Nikolay Dimitrov, Irinei Konstantinov


by Zdrava Kamenova, composer Martin Karov

director Kalin Angelov, scenography and multimedia Nikola Nalbantov, music director Georgi Georgiev – Antika, choreographer Ana Miteva

Participating: Milena Zhivkova, Kalin Pacherazki, Nikolay Dimitrov, Yulian Rachkov, Tsvetan Apostolov, Sava Piperov, Petya Silyanova, Yoanna Temelkova, Silvia Petkova, Simona Halacheva, Daria Simeonova/ Irina Miteva, Yuli Malinov, Martin Gyaurov, Nikolay Varbanov, Mikhail Milchev


by N. V. Gogol

translation Hristo Radevski, director Boyko Bogdanov, scenography and costumes Petya Stoikova, musical director Danko Yordanov

Participating: Sava Piperov, Kalin Vrachanski, Maria Sapundjieva, Nevena Kaludova, Plamen Manasiev, Mikhail Milchev, Nikolay Antonov, Rosen Belov, Yulian Rachkov, Nikolay Dimitrov, Nikolay Varbanov, Yordanka Lyubenova, Milena Zhivkova, Lilia Maravilya, Vladimir Mateev


by Yoanna Ovshanko

translation Mariyana Minkovska, director Nikolay Polyakov, scenography and costumes Ognyana Serafimova, costume assistant Iskra Petkova, video Evgenia Serbeva

Participating: Lilia Maravilya, Silvia Petkova, Mila Bancheva, Daria Simeonova/ Neda Spasova, Lora Mutisheva, Luiza Grigorova-Makariev, Snezhana Makaveeva



based on Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren

adaptation and direction Christiana Boyadzhieva, stage design and costumes Andrea Paunova – Hell

Participating: Silvia Petkova, Sofia Marinkova, Ivelin Nikolov, Nikolay Dimitrov, Rumen Troev


based on works by Pamela Travers

adaptation and direction Anastasia Sabeva, scenography and costumes Andrea Paunova – Ada, choreographer Vera Molova

Participating: Mila Bancheva/ Elitsa Kostova, Julian Rachkov, Radina Borshosh, Ivelin Nikolov, Yordanka Lyubenova, Nikolay Dimitrov


by Catherine Ann based on the tale "The Little Mermaid" by H. C. Andersen

translation Natasha Kolevska, director Vasilena Radeva, scenography and costumes Svila Velichkova, composer and vocal teacher Petya Nedeva, choreographer Marina Popova

Participating: Simona Halacheva, Yuli Malinov, Sofia Marinkova, Petya Silyanova, Nevena Kaludova, Sava Piperov, Rosen Belov, students from NATFIZ "Kr. Sarafov" and Theater College "Lyuben Groys"


based on Astrid Lindgren

adaptation and staging Katya Petrova, scenography and costumes Petya Karadjova and Boris Dalchev, composer Hristo Yotsov, animation Sotir Gelev, choreographer Anna Pampulova

Participating: Martina Peneva, Alexander Tonev, Nikolai Varbanov, Mila Bancheva/Nevena Kaludova, Yulian Rachkov, Simona Halacheva, Plamen Manasiev, Ventsislav Sariev, Nikolai Dimitrov, students from the "Theatre" Department of NBU


lyrics, music and poems Piers Chatter Robinson

translation Kuncho Kozhuharov, translation of the songs Desislava Sofranova, director Biserka Kolevska, scenography and costumes Svila Velichkova, choreographer Zornitsa Petrova, vocal teacher Rositsa Ovcharova, stage fight Emil Videv

Participating: Ventsislav Sariev, Sofia Marinkova, Lora Mutisheva, Martin Gyaurov, Nikolay Varbanov, Nikolay Dimitrov, Rosen Belov, Simona Halacheva, Yuli Malinov, Yulian Rachkov, students from the Lyuben Grois Theater College



by Agnieszka Oshecka and Machei Malecki

author Agnieszka Oshecka, music Machei Malecki, director Ana Bateva, scenography and costumes Martina Variyska, arrangement Stefan Zdraveski

Participating: Simona Halacheva and Julian Rachkov


by Olya Stoyanova

director Teya Sugareva, scenography Karolina Dalkalacheva, composer Alexander Kostov

Participating: Ivaylo Geraskov, Daria Simeonova, Vladimir Mateev, Plamen Manasiev, Martin Dimitrov


DCT "Vasil Drumev" is visiting - Shumen - CRISIS CENTER

by Mikhail Kazakov

director Sabi Sabev, stage design Dimitar Dimitrov, music Todor Vasilev

Participating: Silvia Petkova, Nikolay Stanoev, Ivo Yonchev, Yulian Rachkov, Ivaylo Zahariev

Guest Class 5x5 - THE COLLECTOR

based on the novel by John Fowles

stage version Aneta Ivanova and Rumen Mihailov, art. lighting Kristian Topov, costumes Viliana Karushkova, poster Diana Tashkova

Participating: Aneta Ivanova, Rumen Mihailov

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