How to overcome the fear of childbirth

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How to overcome the fear of childbirth
How to overcome the fear of childbirth

Many girls in our country have fear of childbirth Is it because their mothers told them how scary their birth was, is it because they watched a lot of movies, and in the movies to illustrate better always the process is accompanied by screams and pain. Let's try to unravel this fear and try to say that childbirth is not so scary and we should overcome our own prejudices.

Don't listen to scary talk from others

Maybe this woman who tells you how terrible her birth was, was not lucky with a good team, did not prepare well physically and mentally for the birth itself, is quite spoiled and selfish… Don't think, that the same awaits you. Think positively about the birth so that it will be like this!

Preparation for birth

Take a childbirth preparation course, to breathe, move a lot and prepare your body for this final moment. That way there will be almost no pain.

The time immediately before birth

The birth norms imposed in our country immobilize the woman in labor, which in any case is uncomfortable. If your birth is natural, it is imperative that when the contractions start - move, move as much as possible - this way it will be easier for you and you are preparing for an easy birth. You won't have as much pain moving around.

The birth itself - naturally

Yes, there will be pushing and there will be shouting, but this is really short. This is exactly what you know from the movies, but there it is not clear that such scenes are really within a matter of minutes. There is pain, but believe me - you will forget it as soon as you see your baby. Concentrate on this moment and on the thought of your unique and priceless treasure that you will glimpse in just a few more minutes. That way, everything will go by faster and you won't have bad memories.

Birth - section

Yes, c-section is an operation that hurts more or less. There is no way to prepare physically here, but mentally know that it doesn't hurt more than a wisdom tooth extraction, for example. Moreover, during the birth itself you are under anesthesia and the pain will come a little later. And then your thoughts should no longer be on your own pain, but entirely on the wonderful creature you have given birth to!

You can read more about the birth section here.

After giving birth

Believe me, just a few hours after giving birth you will already be better and 2-3 days to a week later there will be no trace of the physical pain. So it's all in the setting, your own attitude. Think positive, expect your baby with love and everything will be fine!

Good luck girls! Motherhood is a real gift, enjoy it, don't be afraid!

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