6 myths about menstruation

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6 myths about menstruation
6 myths about menstruation

Consumption of alcohol during the monthly cycle can have a negative impact on it. This is one of the myths about menstruation that we should not believe. Research shows that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages does not have a negative impact on women's he alth and menstruation. What are the other most common myths?

Myth: It is not good to take a bath during your period

A warm bath or shower during the menstrual cycle actually has a beneficial effect. While some women worry that hot water increases bleeding or worry about bacterial infections, they miss out on truly relaxing minutes. On the other hand, warm water helps improve vascular function, relaxes smooth muscles and relieves menstrual cramps. Don't forget to clean the tub well before you take a bath, whether you are menstruating or not.

Myth: You can't swim in a pool/sea

If you have inserted your tampon correctly, you don't have to worry about bleeding or water entering the vagina. But it is important to change the tampon immediately after swimming. Vaginal infections from the pool are unlikely. According to experts, gastrointestinal diseases, conjunctivitis and skin diseases are among the most common diseases spread in swimming pools.

Myth: Menstrual cycles of women who live/work together synchronize

In 1971, the American psychologist Martha McClintock published in "Nature" that according to her research, the monthly cycles of women who live, work together, are friends, occur at the same time. According to the psychologist, this is due to an exchange of pheromones that the female body synthesizes. But new studies from 2013 disprove the American woman's theory and, according to them, it's just a myth.

Myth: It is better to delay dyeing your hair

Otherwise, you may not get the color you want due to hormone fluctuations. An absolute myth! During your monthly cycle, your scalp may produce more sebum, but this will not affect your hair color.

Myth: It is impossible to get pregnant during menstruation

One of the most common myths about those days of the month is this. Fertility in this period is at its lowest level, its peak is usually 12-16 days before the next cycle. Remember that some women's cycle does not last 28 days, but 21, or it may be irregular.

At the same time, spermatozoa retain the ability to fertilize in a woman's body for up to 5-7 days, making the fertilization period longer. Sex without precautions can coincide with ovulation and lead to pregnancy.

Myth: The monthly cycle depends on the phases of the moon

A myth that they believed in in Antiquity. Modern research does not find a connection between the phases of the moon and the fact that they determine the onset of menstruation. The lunar cycle lasts 29 and a half days, and the average menstrual cycle can vary from 21 to 35 days. Also, cycle length can vary throughout a woman's life. Phase and cycle can more or less coincide if the cycle length is 29-30 days.

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