10 mistakes in making a baby

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10 mistakes in making a baby
10 mistakes in making a baby

When trying to get pregnant, many things can get in the way. It's not always as easy as couples want it to be, and it may not be because of a medical problem at all.

There are some common mistakes expectant parents make when trying to conceive. Who are they?

1. You're not having enough sex

Some couples mistakenly believe that conception requires only the right moment. Instead of aiming for the day of ovulation, do it more often. Conception is practically possible at any moment of a woman's monthly cycle.

2. You're having too much sex

Having sex rarely is not good, but overdoing it is also not recommended. It can exhaust a man and prevent his gonads from producing enough sperm capable of fertilization.

3. Same pose every time

It may seem to you that the missionary is the most suitable for getting pregnant because it is also the most natural for the person, but this is not necessarily the case. It all depends on your physiological characteristics and those of your partner. This is why deep penetration positions or those in which women dominate are suitable for some.

4. You assume the problem is the woman

Just because a woman can't get pregnant doesn't mean she's the problem. When the happy event does not happen for a long time, it is also good for the man to get examined.

5. You miscalculate ovulation

Ovulation is the most fertile period of the monthly cycle. Calculate it carefully, because it will be your guide for the right time for more persistent attempts.

6. You have sex on the day of ovulation

If you have an ovulation calculator kit, you probably measure your basal body temperature and calculate the exact day of your cycle. This helps somewhat, but your fertility can fluctuate over a period of about 24 hours. That's why you're in danger of missing it.

Sperm can live up to several days in a woman's vagina, so it's better to have more sex in the days before ovulation itself.

7. You are using lubricant

Lubricants contain many chemical substances that interfere with the fertilizing ability of the sperm. If you still struggle with natural lubrication, use water-based lubricants.

8. You are in a hurry to contact a specialist

There is nothing wrong with consulting a doctor, but it should not be the first thing you do. It is recommended to wait a few months to 1 year, especially if you are under 35.

Stress and fear of infertility can lead to more problems without realizing it.

9. You are not seeking help early enough

The other extreme is also not a good solution. If it has been a year of trying to conceive naturally and you still have no success, consult a doctor to determine the cause. Waiting will slow down the process and the success rate if it turns out there is a physiological problem with either partner.

10. You are neglecting your overall he alth

It is important to focus not only on the he alth of your reproductive system, but on your whole organism. It works in sync and indirect problems in other organs and systems can cause difficulties in conception or put your future baby's development at risk.

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