Ejaculation problem causes infertility

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Ejaculation problem causes infertility
Ejaculation problem causes infertility

Ejaculation is the ejection of seminal fluid from the urethra during male orgasm. In physically he althy men, during ejaculation, sperm is pushed forward towards the head of the penis. A small round muscle at the entrance to the bladder, called the sphincter, prevents sperm from returning to the bladder.

There is a condition in which the sperm returns back to the bladder. This pathology is called retrograde ejaculation. The bladder neck sphincter does not function normally and fails to prevent the seminal fluid from going back. In this condition, almost all or all of the sperm remains inside the body.


This is a rare condition and can occur partially or completely. Sperm entering the bladder is practically harmless. It mixes with urine and leaves the bladder when you urinate.

Retrograde ejaculation can be observed in any of the following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • When taking certain medicinal preparations
  • When taking medication for high blood pressure
  • When taking sedatives
  • When taking prostate medication
  • Surgical interventions in the prostate or urethra
  • Pelvic surgeries causing indirect nerve damage in the pelvis
  • Injuries or surgeries of the vertebrae of the spine
  • Multiple Sclerosis


  • Dry orgasms – orgasms in which very little or no semen can be ejaculated
  • Curdy urine after intercourse - due to the presence of seminal fluid in it
  • Infertility

Retrograde ejaculation does not affect the ability to get an erection or orgasm. The condition is diagnosed by examining the urine for the presence of sperm.


There is no specific treatment for this condition as it is not considered a serious medical problem. What doctors pay more serious attention to is infertility, especially if you are currently trying to conceive with your partner. Check that the medications you are taking are not at the root of the problem. Retrograde ejaculation caused by diabetes or surgery can be influenced very successfully with medication.

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