First SAGBAL "Sveta Sofia" with a campaign for reproductive he alth

First SAGBAL "Sveta Sofia" with a campaign for reproductive he alth
First SAGBAL "Sveta Sofia" with a campaign for reproductive he alth

In the period from October 1 to December 1, 2017, the team of the First SAGBAL Saint Sofia will conduct the "Question of Conversation and Review" campaign. The initiative is aimed at the reproductive he alth of Bulgarians and is intended for students, doctoral students and other young women and men studying. The campaign is implemented with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality, the "I Want a Baby" foundation and the "Conception" association.

The goals of the initiative are to provide access to free examinations in order to improve the reproductive opportunities of young people in Bulgaria, to inform the young generation about reproductive and sexual he alth and how this affects their reproductive future, as well as to encourage the birth of a first child before the age of 30.

The team of the medical facility will also carry out the program for diagnosis and treatment of couples with reproductive problems "40+". Patients over 40 years of age and younger women with prematurely reduced ovarian reserve can benefit from it.

The free examinations of the ladies will include filling out a questionnaire, talking to a specialist in reproductive medicine, an embryologist, an andrologist, a gynecological examination, as well as an ultrasound examination. For men, a free spermogram, filling in a questionnaire, a conversation with a specialist and a spermogram analysis are provided. If necessary, other specialists will be included in the examinations - mammologist, certified psychotherapist and others.

When a he alth problem is detected, patients will be referred for diagnostic clarification and treatment. Couples with reproductive problems who wish to have a child will be financially assisted by providing preferential prices for in vitro procedures, with the requirement that at least one of the couple is a student.

Free examinations and consultations do not require a referral from the personal physician or any other medical document. They will take place from 10:00 to 13:00, every working day. Pre-booking is required by phone: 0876 35 91 90; 02/ 447 02 63; 0878 20 52 53.

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