Inflamed gums prevent conception?

Inflamed gums prevent conception?
Inflamed gums prevent conception?

Gum diseases can be the cause of many conditions and often people do not suspect that their troubles come from there. Keeping hot infections anywhere in the body is dangerous and can seriously affect the he alth Chronic inflammation of the gums damage bones, joints, heart.

Recent research indicates that gum disease is also associated with difficulty conceiving. For women with chronically swollen gums or other symptoms of inflamed gums, it usually takes an average of 7 to 9 the month. Why is this so?

Swedish researchers believe that inflammation in the oral cavity can cause a chain reaction that damages the general state of the body, including reproductive he alth.

Also, doctors think it's likely that the ingredients in your mouthwash and toothpaste have something to do with your pregnancy problemSo, make sure the toiletries do not contain triclosan – a commonly used antibacterial compound. This chemical affects reproductive hormones, including estrogen and testosterone.

Similar observations have been established in a number of countries, not only in Europe. A similar study was also conducted in Israel in 2010, in which 75 men between the ages of 23 and 52 who came to the respective clinic for reproductive problems were examined. In sperm analysis it turned out that more than 80% of men had or have gum inflammation. The implication is that their sperm count was too low due to the infection.

There are some doubts that amalgam fillings are toxic to the body and cause many harms, including fertility The mercury contained in amalgam, even in small amounts, could affectreproductive he alth , although this theory is not quite firmly proven.

Make regular visits to your dentist and never miss the importance of gum he alth. Keep in mind that if dental intervention is required, treatment with antibiotics and pain relievers will likely be required. If you are about to have dental surgery, find out if the anesthetic is safe, especially if you are pregnant!

Maintaining good hygiene of your oral cavity will surely save you a lot of headaches. You will protect yourself from a lot of aches, especially in the joints and bones, but will also significantly improve your chances of getting with child.

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