Which colors affect emotions?

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Which colors affect emotions?
Which colors affect emotions?

When home decorating and furnishing, it's important to consider every element in it as more than just a color or an object. Home should be your special place, in which, thanks to the knowledge of colors and their correct selection, it will positively charge you, relax you and cause love in you. And since colors can be responsible for your emotions, see which color is suitable for which room.


You probably haven't noticed, but the color red is often present in restaurant interiors. It is a favored color because it stimulates energy, makes people feel more alive, and one needs to feel that way when in the company of good food and good friends. If you are about to refresh the walls in the home, red in all its shades and brightness is a suitable color for the dining room or kitchen.


. There are many shades of blue, some of which will help you relax and sleep peacefully. It is suitable for the bedroom or the bathroom, but despite its beauty, do not forget to combine it with some other soft color.



This is the color that brings warmth and makes one feel more cozy and secure. It is a symbol of the tree, which is associated with stability. It is suitable for any part of the home and especially for the living room or study.


Purple is the color of kings. Despite its sophistication, be careful with the saturation when you decide to make it part of the home decoration. A little purple can make a home look more luxurious. Despite its beauty, it is better not to place it in the bedroom because it is believed to stimulate the creative process, and the bedroom is a place where you need to relax and unwind.


Dramatic color that adds elegance to the home. However, it can sometimes backfire, so use it in small amounts or with other colors.


The color green is associated with nature. It has a calming effect, gives a feeling of comfort and helps to eliminate stress. That is why it is suitable for any part of your home.


A color associated with romance and memories of childhood dolls. In addition to the children's room, you can decorate with it in the bedroom, and if it is not among your favorite colors, decorate with it in small quantities in rooms that you do not enter often.


Orange and yellow

Soft, warm, sunny colors that positively charge you. They are suitable for every corner of your home and especially for the kitchen and dining room, because orange stimulates the appetite.


If you want to give more space to the home, choose this color, it will also have a relaxing effect on you.

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