Ways to deal with sweets cravings

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Ways to deal with sweets cravings
Ways to deal with sweets cravings

Many of us struggle with cravings for sweets and desserts. Have you ever gone out even late at night for a chocolate bar? Sugar addiction is on par with other addictions in many cases.

But how do we set limits? What are the strategies to deal with the uncontrolled sugar spree?

Here are some of the ways that will help you greatly reduce yoursweet cravings!

Make a treat schedule

To limit the indiscriminate indulgence of sweets when you feel like it, just designate two days a week when you will "reward" yourself with a nice ice cream or your Friday afternoon coffee will necessarily go with a slice of warm nice pie.

To make it even he althier – let the treats be whole grain bars with a little chocolate! Here's a useful way to satisfy your sweet tooth without piling on extra pounds.

Eat well

It means rich portions of the necessary protein, fiber and carbohydrates, not quick snacks that make you hungry even faster and increase the desire for sweets! All the he althy nutrients you take in during the day will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Fresh fruits

It is true that the pleasure that chocolate brings cannot be compared to eating an apple. But! Overdoing desserts can seriously damage your he alth. The beneficial carbohydrates, vitamins and fiber contained in fruit will help you cultivate and control your sweet tooth. Whenever you feel like eating something sweet - reach for fruit!

Add different flavors to your dishes

To reduce sugar consumption, add more flavors and aromas to your meals, desserts, baked goods, fruit salads. Additional flavors such as vanilla, almond or caramel will enrich the taste sensation. This also applies to spices - they are a good remedy for dealing with the s alt problem too!

Time the sweets

Foods rich in sugars and in general carbohydrates should be eaten earlier in the day. That way, your body will have the opportunity to use them up by the evening. Eating sweets late at night carries the risk of gaining weight and forming cellulite. Also don't forget the workouts!

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